Rob Kardashian had requested to have actually ex Blac Chyna stripped of primary custody of your 3-year-old daughter Dream



Earlier this week, the mom of two common a pair of videos of herself dancing and also hanging out through her kids, 3-year-old daughter Dream Renée and 7-year-old child King Cairo. In the very first clip, Chyna sweetly twirled Dream together she and also King posed in former of a billboard because that Chyna’s cosmetics brand.

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The second video featured a montage that Chyna, King and Dream walk on a go together. The children showed off your dance moves in number of clips native the montage, including Dream jumping up and also down and Chyna law a choreographed dance with King. At another moment, Chyna hosted her daughter together they walked throughout the street.

“Morning walks v King and also Dream ❤️,” the model and also entrepreneur, 31, captioned the latter set of clip while alongside the first, she created in part, “Her morals and also her principals shall never ever be compromised. Her dedication and resilience has enabled her to come to be this very intelligent ,confident, fair ,dynamic, ambitious, reliable, self made and assured black queen.”



Chyna share Dream v ex plunder Kardashian, and King through ex Tyga. The 2 videos of Chyna through her youngsters came just days after Kardashian’s current request to piece her of main custody of Dream to be denied.

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Kardashian, 32, had actually reportedly filed for major custody the Dream in January, declare in a sealed court filing that Chyna (née Angela Renée White) is “out of control.”

However, a Los Angeles judge rejected Kardashian’s ex parte emergency motion, according to court documents acquired The Blast, meaning that the court walk not discover an emergency concern with Chyna and the situation.

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Although Kardashian’s activity was denied, the court will certainly still enable him come argue for the adjust in custody — simply without an immediate decision indigenous the court.

Kardashian’s rep had actually no comment when reached by, if Chyna’s lawyer said, in part, “All along, Chyna has actually only want to peacefully co-parent precious Dream v her ex-fiancé, rob Kardashian. Chyna is terrific mother that loves her son King Cairo and her daughter Dream Renée an ext than noþeles in this world. The current custody setup for Dream agreed come by rob long ago is working perfectly fine.”