They married in 2002, and also share three kids. They filed because that divorce in 2015 citing irreconcilable differences.

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Long prior to Gwen Stefani and also Blake Shelton were The Voice"s cutest couple, No Doubt’s high-octane frontwoman was component of an additional one that music’s hottest pairs. Twenty-five year ago, Gwen and also British singer Gavin Rossdale to be rock royalty, with a music meet-cute come boot: The pair first crossed paths as soon as No Doubt opened for Gavin"s band, Bush, in 1995.

The couple weathered two decades’ precious of ups and downs—much of which Gwen states she’s chronicled in she music—before ultimately calling it quits in august 2015, after almost 13 year of marriage. Now, we"re looking back at Gwen and Gavin’s relationship timeline—and what led to their divorce.

How Gwen and Gavin Met


Gwen and also Gavin in 1997.
Jeff KravitzGetty Images
Gwen, 50, and Gavin, 53, met in 1995 when No Doubt and Bush to be on tour v the Goo Goo Dolls. In 2010, Gavin described their first date to Details magazine, recalling: “I threw a party in new Orleans simply as one excuse to cave out through her. Us drank a bunch that hurricanes and also went approximately the French Quarter. We had actually our very first kiss the night," he said.

Gwen and also Gavin Tie the Knot

Gavin proposed to Gwen on brand-new Year’s job in 2002, after more than six years of dating—and after obtaining her father’s permission. (“He was really gracious,” Gavin said People in ~ the time.)


Thomas Rabsch
The pair wed ~ above Sept. 14, 2002, at St. Paul’s Church in London’s Covent Garden, with Gwen wearing she instantly above pink ombre dress, draft by man Galliano for Christian Dior.

Gwen and Gavin"s family members Life

Gwen and Gavin have actually three kids together. Your first, son Kingston James McGregor Rossdale, came in might 2006. In respectable 2008, the couple welcomed child Zuma Nesta rock Rossdale, and in February 2014, Gwen provided birth to their 3rd son, Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale.


Gwen and also Gavin v Kingston and also Zuma in 2013.
Jason Kempin
Gavin make headlines in October 2004, when a paternity test revealed that he had actually fathered a boy in 1989, now-model Daisy Lowe.

Gwen and also Gavin Split

Gwen filed for divorce in august 2015, v Gavin filing his solution shortly after, Los Angeles premium Court spokeswoman mar Hearn told The connected Press at the time, according to CBS News. The pair quote irreconcilable differences for the split and also were later granted joint custody of their sons.


Gwen and Gavin in 2015.
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In a declare to People, the exes said, “While the 2 of us have come to the common decision the we will certainly no much longer be partners in marriage, we remain partners in parenthood and also are committed to jointly increasing our 3 sons in a happy and also healthy environment.”

Why walk Gwen and Gavin Divorce?

The couple’s divorce announcement come amid reports the Gavin had had one affair through the couple’s longtime nanny. While no Gwen no one Gavin have straight addressed the reports, Gwen opened up up around their split in the September 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan, saying: "Nobody except for my parents, the civilization involved, and whoever castle told .”

“Nobody would believe it if I could really speak what happened,” she added. “I went with months and also months of torture.”

Though she declined to disclose any an ext details, the singer spicy to her music because that clues. "All you need to do is listen to every single song I"ve ever written, and it"s all there. It"s an continuous theme the I"ve had actually for a lengthy time," she said.

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Where room Gwen and Gavin now?

In November 2015, Gwen’s then-just-rumored romance with her Voice co-star Blake Shelton to be officially confirmed by his rep. The news came several months after the nation star finalized his very own divorce native his mam of three years, fellow nation singer Miranda Lambert.

Gwen said InStyle in 2018 that she’s “super in love” with Blake, 43. After practically four year of dating, the country singer recently told Entertainment Tonight that the couple “couldn’t be happier, and we’ve never been law better.”