Blake vivid has spoken about ending up being a mother for the 3rd time in her very first sit down interview in months.

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The actor appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday whereby she to be congratulated on welcoming her and Ryan Reynolds" 3rd child, a baby girl born in September.

The star then recognized that she right now has three youngsters under the period of six, explicate it together "crazy".

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#BlakeLively says having actually three kids under 6 years old is favor going indigenous “2 to 3,000!” #TheRhythmSection

— good Morning America (

"At one point we had three at 4 and under," the former Gossip Girl actor explained.

"It"s like going from two to 3,000. We have so plenty of children, we space outnumbered. It"s a lot. People say the from two to three it"s the same and easy, those human being do not have actually three kids. That is crazy."


Lively and also Reynolds welcomed their third child privately last year, confirming the arrival in October.

The married couple of 7 years are already parents to 2 daughters, James who turned five in December and also three-year-old Inez.

The A-List couple have preferred to save the surname of their third daughter personal for the moment being, through Reynolds expertly dodging questions about the moniker when he appeared on united state TV critical year.


Having bring away a great eight months turn off the red carpet and also interview step while she ready for and also gave bear to her new baby, Lively has made a triumphant return this week.

On Monday evening, the 32-year-old go the red carpet together co-star Jude Law, attending the new York City premiere that her brand-new film The rate Section.


She"s also been spotted in variety of various outfits while on the promotional trace in the city, many recently she held a substantial fedora in her hand while wearing a standard white shirt and black midi skirt look at on the roads of the city ~ above Tuesday.



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