Aside from their music, country superstars Blake Shelton and also Miranda Lambert made headlines for your longtime love! The musicians an initial got together in 2006 and tied the node in 2011. After ~ a practically five-year marriage, the former flames shocked fans in 2015 through announcing your split. They’ve both because moved on — Miranda married Brendan McLoughlin in January 2019 and Blake wed Gwen Stefani in July 2021 — however what walk wrong between them?

It’s not exactly clear what led to the pair’s breakup, however it’s been reported the their long-distance love and infidelity rumors — which castle both refuse — placed a strain on your relationship. “This is no the future we envisioned. And it is with hefty hearts that we relocate forward separately,” the pair said in their July 2015 divorce announcement. “We are actual people, with actual lives, with actual families, friends and colleagues. Therefore, us kindly ask because that privacy and compassion concerning this very an individual matter.”

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Since calling it quits, both Blake and Miranda have talked about the fallout following their divorce. The “God’s Country” crooner, for his part, opened up about heartbreak throughout an interview with Billboard one year ~ the duo announced their breakup, noting that his 10th studio album If ns Honest is his “divorce record.”

“When we tape-recorded the vocals for several of these songs, i was just six months gotten rid of from as soon as all the crap went down,” he claimed in July 2016. “When you have actually a broken heart — at least, as soon as I do — you obtained to gain it the end of your system. You want civilization to sympathize v you. Ns was at absent bottom, in the middle of hell.”


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Similarly, the “Little Red Wagon” songstress got real about her public divorce while chatting v Health in November 2019. “When anyone worried around your personal life, it makes you feeling like, ‘Well, if you can just spend some of that time talking about my really art, that would be great!"” Miranda explained. “But ns guess ns asked because that it, gaining into this business. I’m never ever gonna gain used to the public eye in that way.”

Now that they’ve both relocated on, where does their connection stand now? when Miranda stayed quiet ~ news damaged that she ex had actually proposed to his The Voice costar, she go reflect ~ above a “special moment” during her connection with Blake in march 2021 interview. At the time, the blonde beauty reflect on cowriting his 2011 song “Over You,” i m sorry was motivated by Blake losing his older brother, Richie, in a auto accident in 1990.

“My ex-husband, Blake, had lost a brother, and also it’s among those moment where even if she married to someone, sometimes you uncover something new about them,” the Texas aboriginal said throughout an illustration on to apologize Music’s Essentials Radio. “It was really a unique moment, and also I’m so happy we shared that song and also that it assisted his family members heal, to have actually that together.”

Although over there doesn’t seem come be any kind of lasting negative blood between the exes, a source told In Touch in September 2020 the Miranda and also her husband Brendan space a “much much better match” 보다 her and also Blake.

“Miranda doesn’t have many regrets,” the insider added. “But now, she’s through the love of her life, looks earlier and think to herself, what was ns doing v Blake?"”