In Season 19 the The Voice, Gwen Stefani got engaged and got her first win after being a judge for 5 seasons. Adhering to Gwen's exit, Nick Jonas announced the he to be leaving the series, yet again, after Season 20, leaving room for a brand-new coach come take center stage.

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In an attempt to keep things fresh, The Voice showrunners recruited Ariana Grande because that Season 21, and she to plan to provide her fellow coaches a run for your money. However Blake Shelton can be her best competition. Their love-hate relationship has kept us entertained, however, rumors freshly surfaced that Blake might be the following coach to announce his exit.

So, is Blake Shelton in reality leaving The Voice? Fans issue that the rumors are true this time.


Is Blake Shelton leaving 'The Voice' after ~ Season 21? Fans concern that Ariana Grande is instead of him.

While viewers worried that Blake would not it is in coming ago to The Voice for Season 20, that debunked that rumor when he returned and took house the grand prize through his mentee, video camer Anthony, in might of 2021. Although rumors the the nation singer will certainly resign together a coach surface ar every couple of years, he has yet to confirm his exit. Yet a comedic exchange through Ariana leads fans to believe that an announcement is coming soon.

In one Instagram post, Ariana revealed a exclusive conversation between her and Blake. In the screenshot, Ariana sent Blake an post via text that suggested that she to be stealing his clues on the show, to which the responded, "Thanks a lot of Ari… thanks a f--king lot.”


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Ariana and also Blake's banter is one of the hallmarks of their relationship, i beg your pardon leads united state to believe that the two were just kidding. However this isn't the an initial we've heard the Blake's alleged plan to leaving the show.

In 2016, there to be rumors that Blake to be leaving The Voice since he obtained fired, and he immediately collection the document straight. The did to speak in an interview v radio terminal WKRO 93.1 FM that he wasn’t going away anytime soon however admitted the he might not it is in a judge for an ext than a couple of seasons. He shared, "I think at least a year," and added, “Anything can change.”

Well, that was year ago, so that knows once Blake will certainly actually leave The Voice?