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Blake Sheltonwasn"t sure as soon as he"d popular music the question toGwen Stefani, but he constantly knew who"d be existing when the did.Following the couple"s October engagement, the 44-year-old country startold theBobby skeleton Showwhy the was necessary to encompass his and also Stefani"s families in the moment.

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Stefani, 51, is mother to three sons,Kingston, 14, Zuma, 12,and Apollo, 6, through her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale.

"The only thing I had planned was that i knew I want to execute it in Oklahoma while every her kids were over there ," Shelton stated of his Oklahoma ranch."We have a team that we acquire together ~ above through those two components of our extended family, and also it"s been choose that because that years. I wanted everybody come be there in the moment."

"I didn"t desire to take she away or execute something exclusive away from the kids," the continued."I felt favor it was vital for the kids to be a component of the moment, for this reason that"s what i did."

Back in October, a resource told ET that Shelton connected Stefani"s kids "every step of the way" and also "made sure they were part of the excitement."

The proposal chin went well, but, as Shelton said theBobby bones Show,losing the ring before popping the question was a large worry because that him.

"I had the ring in the compartment on my door the my truck for around a week. Ns don"t know around you, however stuff drops out of that damn thing on my truck all the time," that admitted." digging in there in search of a flashlight or change, I maintained thinking, "Man, somebody"s gonna hit the jackpot whenever i drop this point out of my truck.""

"I wanted to store it there every the time since I didn"t know when i would have actually the exact, appropriate moment," Shelton continued."But thank God, ns didn"t shed the ring."

On Tuesday"s episode ofThe Kelly Clarkson Show, Stefani shares her perspective the the proposal.

"I had no idea, obviously. In fact, ns was trying to acquire out of going to Oklahoma because it was acquiring too complicated with COVID and the family... And then we acquired it every together and ended up going," she explains."His sister and also her family, they to be there, my kids were there, and my brother and also his family, we"re all there. We"re always all there."

Once the team made their means to Oklahoma, they went to visit the residence that Shelton and Stefani are building there.

"We got there and also everybody to be like, "No, we gotta gain back. We"re food preparation a stew ~ above the fire and also can"t let the burn." and also my child was like, "No, i gotta go to the bathroom. I don"t wanna go!"" Stefani remembers. "There were all these points happening."

Despite every one of the distractions, Shelton continued on with the proposal.

"I go in and my child was sitting ideal by this fireplace and Blake usually was getting down ~ above his knees to do a fire and also he goes, "Hey, have the right to you look in that cabinet end there and also get me a fire starter?" so I open the cabinet and also there was a ring in a box and also I to be like, "Ahhh! What?! are you serious?!"" she recalls. "Everybody came running about "cause i guess lock heard united state screaming and crying... It was a pretty magical moment."

In enhancement to opening up around theromantic proposal, Stefani gushed over some of her favorite things about her fiancé while speak toZane Lowe on apple Music.

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"It"s tough not to like nearly everything around Blake Shelton. I said virtually only due to the fact that it would be silly to do like, "I favor everything about Blake."No one"s perfect, that course," she said."But i think the source of what ns love around us with each other is that... He"s my best friend. We tell each other everything. Ns don"t desire to carry out anything there is no him. He"s my homie. And he"s just a an extremely generous, generosity guy. He"s complete of love and also generosity."

"He"s a smart, smart guy as well.So you feel safe, you might lean top top him and trust him. I could just store going. I average it"s literally like a joke," Stefani continued. "I"ve never ever met someone that"s simply so interesting... He"s a Gemini... Friend think he"s so, for this reason normal, yet then the is quirky. That is an artist. He has a lot of of different sides come him."

Stefani, that praised Shelton as being "super talented," admitted the her favoritething about him is that he"could walk far from anything at any moment."

"His true love is simply of nature and also of simply being at that ranch. That loves animals and also he to know every solitary name of every salamander and every tree and also every bush and also snake. It"s like, "How do you recognize all this stuff?"" she said."He"s just always been the same. He"s the same male no issue where the goes... There"s somethingjust so cool around that because you feel so proud... As soon as my dad and mom come over, they gain to watch that."

Shortly after their engagement, a source told ET just how the recent quarantine do Shelton and also Stefani grow even closer.

"They both live incredibly busy lives and have managed to make sure they job-related together and spend as much time as they deserve to together," the resource said."The pandemic has provided them both the moment they required to slow down and just appreciate and love every other."

As for your wedding, the resource said the "they plan to wait and also see just how the pandemic pans out" prior to saying "I do."

"Gwen has always spoken about a big traditional wedding with family and also friends but they plan to wait and see just how the pandemic pans out," the source said. "And in the meantime, gain their engagement."