Before her TV success, Giada De Laurentiis, the celebrity chief who began her job on the Food Network channel v Everyday Italian in the early 2000s, met she husband, fashion designer Todd Thompson. Lock met as soon as she to be 19, follow to E! News, and they got married in 2003, right prior to her on-screen job took turn off — therefore the 2 were together from her damaged college job to her time v Food Network. Thompson would certainly even show up on De Laurentiis" show to test the end what she was making in the kitchen.

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Unfortunately, the pair, who had daughter Jade in 2008, divorce in 2014, after over a te together. There are a few different theories about what resulted in the separation between De Laurentiis and Thompson. Farming apart, suffering career issues, or also navigating rumors of affairs were among some that the speculated problems the pair experienced during their romance. If you"re curious, check out on to find out the truth around De Laurentiis" divorce.

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After a lengthy marriage filled with spontaneous plans choose "helicopter snowboarding," the growth of your daughter Jade, and the chef"s shifting and also blossoming career, Giada De Laurentiis and also Todd Thompson"s announced your divorce on her on facebook on Dec. 29, 2014. In the personal statement, she wrote in part, "After one amicable separation since July, Todd and also I have determined to end our marriage. ... Todd and also I re-superstructure a beautiful daughter and also a lifetime of an excellent memories that us both treasure an ext than anything. We space so thankful because that our friends and family, and also really evaluate the support in this time that change." The write-up garnered around 13,000 comments, with messages of both support and disappointment from fans.

While Thompson has actually mostly remained quiet top top the matter, De Laurentiis has talked around their separation in interviews, and it even prompted the location of her publication Happy Cooking. "I got divorced and also my life turn upside down," she wrote in the book (via Food & Wine). Fortunately, food preparation helped. "There"s a therapeutic sense of calmness that I find when ns cook," she noted, explaining that"s why she offered her book its title.

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Giada De Laurentiis" divorce to be expensive, and also her realm may have actually benefited Todd Thompson during their split. While it may have actually been clever to talk about a prenuptial agreement, since De Laurentiis and Thompson met in college as soon as she was no yet a celebrity chef, possibly it didn"t cross your minds.

After the divorce to be finalized, the pair functioned at dividing up their assets, and TMZ obtained a copy of their settlement. De Laurentiis preserved the rights to she production firm Linguine Productions and her company GDL Foods, Inc. She took a hit though, owing Thompson 50 percent of every unpaid developments for the cookbooks she was functioning on. Thompson additionally got to save their $3.2 million mansion and "$300,000 in art and furnishings," according to TMZ. On optimal of that, if the exes have joint custody of their daughter, Jade, De Laurentiis has to pay son support come the song of $9,000 a month.

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Shortly prior to Giada De Laurentiis and Todd Thompson announced their divorce, the push reported see her out to dinner with fellow chef Bobby Flay. The 2 dined and enjoyed part drinks together at Cecconi"s in ~ SoHo Beach residence Miami. Page Six speculated around the dinner, even though De Laurentiis and also Thompson to be still married at the time and also Flay was married to Stephanie March, whom he has since divorced (via Us Weekly). 

Page Six listed the pair appeared at ease during dinner, with De Laurentiis talk to other friends as well. De Laurentiis had actually a few drinks and reportedly also stumbled out of the restaurant together she left. 

So, what was the actual reason because that the dinner? Flay"s reps stated the night was just "two colleagues and old friend a fast dinner." De Laurentiis" reps didn"t do a statement. What is known is the Flay and De Laurentiis have actually been long-time friend since showing up on the Food Network together, and no partnership has ever before been confirmed.

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Giada De Laurentiis and also Bobby Flay"s 2014 dinner wasn"t the an initial time rumors had actually swirled around the chefs" friendship. As colleagues, De Laurentiis and Flay have functioned together constantly, together as as soon as they battled against Rachael Ray and Mario Batali on Iron cook America. In a statement reported by E! News, De Laurentiis when said, "My long-time friendships with my co-workers ... Are specifically that — long-time friendships."

Affair rumors can take a toll on any kind of marriage, and even ~ Giada De Laurentiis" divorce, the rumors didn"t sluggish down. In fact, the opposite has actually happened. She and Flay have been at the facility of even much more romance speculation when their show started streaming top top discovery+. Bobby and also Giada in Italy follows the celebrity chefs v De Laurentiis" house country. While it might sound romantic, it"s strictly business, and De Laurentiis would most likely never cross the line. She told Andy Cohen ~ above Watch What wake up Live, "We"ve worked for plenty of years together, yet I don"t think that"s ever going to happen due to the fact that I"m smarter 보다 that," saying that complications might arise from date a colleague.

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In a few of the interviews Giada De Laurentiis has done, she talked about the details that her lengthy marriage. During those years, it appeared that De Laurentiis well balanced the role of a traditional housewife v her career, which have the right to sometimes be tricky. "My identity was linked with his," she defined to Al Roker ~ above his "Cold Cuts" segment ~ above the Today show"and I characterized myself by specific things, and being married or a mam was one of those things."

For De Laurentiis, who was through Todd Thompson from a young age, she wanted to remain true to the woman he met. To Redbook, she elaborated ~ above this feeling. "I have no trouble going earlier to those traditional roles. I shot to be Giada, the young girl the he met 20 years ago and also fell in love with," she said. "All guys want to be treated like emperors in a relationship, and I think if females don"t indulge the sometimes, their males are likely to stray..." she admitted. 

Giada De Laurentiis likely faced stress as she well balanced a career while additionally being a wife and mother. After ~ all, end the span of her career, she has actually hosted food preparation shows, written cookbooks, and also owned a couple of restaurants. Acquisition things slow-moving doesn"t come basic to De Laurentiis. "Taking a break is not the simplest thing for me due to the fact that I feel favor if I"m no doing something climate I"m wasting mine time," she told The Cut

Did her strong work ethic contribute to the finish of she marriage? "I think it can be difficult for any type of man to occasionally be upstaged by his wife," De Laurentiis said in an interview with Redbook. While Todd Thompson had actually a effective career, De Laurentiis was the an ext famous of the two, i m sorry may have caused stress in your relationship. 

Thompson additionally seemed an ext low-key. In regards come rumors around their relationship, De Laurentiis noted, "Todd to be embarrassed the his household in Michigan would watch it and also think, "What is going on over there in Hollywood?""

Todd Thompson and Giada De Laurentiis were together for over a decade, and also the two encountered a couple of affair allegations in that time. The an initial of this allegations supposedly started through Matt Lauer, a now-disgraced previous host of the Today show. A pair of sightings of the two acquired the push talking. The first sighting remained in Barbados in 2011, when images were taken of the two hugging and laughing. Castle were apparently there filming the NBC segment "Where in the human being is Matt Lauer," according come Closer Weekly

There was one more sighting that the pair as soon as they walk out and also had a "very cozy" dinner in brand-new York City in 2013, as Page Six reported. De Laurentiis has denied any kind of romance (via Page Six). Lauer stated to TMZ (via Page Six), "From the horse"s mouth, we have been friends because that 10 years..." their friendship deserve to probably just be chalked as much as De Laurentiis" multiple guest appearances ~ above the Today show.

According come HuffPost, rumors the Giada De Laurentiis accused cheating on she husband, Todd Thompson, with singer john Mayer first appeared ago in 2010. Mayer has a reputation for being a womanizer in Hollywood, and also it appeared De Laurentiis and also her husband, Todd Thompson, just got recorded in the middle. "I have actually never ever been romantically affiliated with man Mayer," De Laurentiis later told Gossip Cop (via HuffPost).

In a 2011 interview v Redbook, De Laurentiis refuse the rumors: "I think the just things that might possibly have tied us together is that us were at the very same hotel the weekend in question." She was additionally with her husband that very same weekend. De Laurentiis noted, "I haven"t had any kind of contact v John Mayer in 3 years," sharing the their interactions had been quick to start with. "I understand these things happen," De Laurentiis said, introduce to rumors in the press, "but perhaps I was naïve come think that they space usually based on some facts."

Giada De Laurentiis has had a fabulous career, and also the press usually compliments the chef on her petite frame, trusted personality, and good looks. But sometimes the press criticizes De Laurentiis... Like once she to be accused of no eating her very own food on she Food Network show.

A source told Page Six that De Laurentiis had actually a "dump bucket" where she"d spit out her food after the cameras cut. One more theory was the an assistant would step in because that De Laurentiis during close-ups. However, De Laurentiis" rep, Stephen Huvane, said that the story was "completely false," noting, "She for sure eats her very own food when filming." that added, "She doesn"t always eat and swallow every time, because they can do sometimes six come 10 take away with 3 episodes a day..." 

While we doubt one rumor could have resulted in the couple"s divorce, perhaps all the headlines around the chef led to stress in Giada De Laurentiis and also Todd Thompson"s life and also relationship. 

Giada De Laurentiis and Todd Thompson found success in their corresponding careers during their marriage. "When we an initial met, i didn"t have any kind of money due to the fact that I was in college," De Laurentiis called Redbook. Certainly the two thrived a many in that time. De Laurentiis ended up being a celebrity chef and also a family name, if Thompson became a fashion designer at Anthropologie. sometimes two world grow together, however unfortunately periodically they finish up cultivation apart. "We had actually been together due to the fact that I to be 19; I"m currently 45. That"s a lifetime with someone," De Laurentiis said Dr. Oz because that The good Life (via People).

The two had never actually planned to have actually a kid either. "What would occur to this life we had created, whereby we"d just take turn off for Santa Barbara because that the weekend?" she said Redbook. Even though we"re sure they love Jade, De Laurentiis" pregnancy significant a change in your plans, i beg your pardon may have caused issues. "Todd and also I talked around kids and also decided we were okay not having them. But then Jade came along, and I was very afraid, and also so was Todd," she noted. 

Giada De Laurentiis has had actually a stunning revolution over the years, and she had to carry out a many soul searching after separating indigenous Todd Thompson. "When you"re through somebody for 20-something years, your identification becomes ... It"s a joint identification in a way," she described to Al Roker throughout a segment for the Today show.

De Laurentiis opened about her post-divorce battles to Dr. Oz because that The good Life (via People), saying, "It was a very daunting time. Ns don"t have actually the answers; I"m figuring lock out together I go. I"m also afraid, like plenty of other women that go v this..." being afraid is a typical response, particularly when entering the dating scene after together a long time. 

Luckily, things worked the end in the end. De Laurentiis even learned some brand-new skills while gift single. "I never knew just how to hook up a TV; I had alarms going off in the night that i never had actually to address because mine ex-husband would manage all that stuff. I can do those things now," she said.

Giada De Laurentiis take it things slow-moving after her divorce native Todd Thompson. "After I gained divorced, i spent around a year and also a fifty percent alone, no dating, just figuring things out," she said People. After a while, she reconnected with Shane Farley, a tv producer whom she"d met briefly once planning production for a talk show with her and also Bobby Flay the didn"t end up coming to fruition. De Laurentiis said, "Once I acquired settled, reconnected and also I felt like a boy again." Farley appeared just together smitten v De Laurentiis once told People, "She"s warm and absolutely beautiful — what you watch on the outside is over there on the inside together well." 

Thompson has discovered love again too. The fashion designer is reportedly dating heather Lacombe, one artist, according to People. Thompson post a picture of the two on their anniversary in 2020, creating in his caption, "3 year of traveling together and we are all set for an ext adventures."

Since your divorce, Giada De Laurentiis and also Todd Thompson have stayed in each other"s stays for the sake of your daughter, Jade, co-parenting her since their separation in 2014. "We live a stone"s litter away from every other, like five minutes, which has really assisted keep Jade stable," she said People.

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 Although the exes aren"t pictured together an extremely often anymore, De Laurentiis" Instagram proved a photograph of one family reunion in 2019, with a subtitle that read, "Happy graduation Jadey!!" 

In the same interview because that People, De Laurentiis talked about being a single mother, and also while it comes with its struggles, she"s happy to have Thompson on board to assist her as soon as times space tough: "Getting together with my ex-husband really helps together well. We"re supportive of each other and, in turn, donate of Jade." 

Being a solitary mom can be tricky. Fortunately, De Laurentiis has learned over the years once it"s time to speak to for reinforcements. "Her dad is pretty great at juggling so ns think you simply need to it is in okay through asking for help because you"re walking to need it," she called People.

Giada De Laurentiis and also Todd Thompson both have new partners who have actually made friends v their daughter, Jade. Divorce deserve to be really tough for children, so it"s good to watch De Laurentiis and Thompson"s partner on an excellent terms with her. Thompson and girlfriend heather Lacombe were viewed celebrating Christmas and also his birthday together on Instagram in 2020, with a inscription that read, "Merry Christmas 2020! celebrate my 57th with Heather and also kiddos." Jade and Lacombe may have even cooked with each other as Thompson composed that Lacombe do ribs and Jade made a raspberry tart. 

De Laurentiis" boyfriend Shane Farley must acquire along quite well through Jade too. In an post for People, Farley debated his partnership with Jade, do the comment, "I execute not have actually children and also to have the ability to have such a well-adjusted, funny kid approximately has been really nice." that added, "Jade has got two amazing parents, therefore I have the right to be a component of her life without any type of pressure."