When Angelina acknowledged Jennifer Aniston"s prominence in Brad Pitt"s life: the was with his ideal friend
prior to Brad Pitt and also Angelina Jolie ended up being Hollywood sexy item, Brad to be married come Jennifer Aniston. The mushy pair dated because that a couple of years before they bound the node in July 2000. The girlfriend alum and the Fight society star to be married for 5 years prior to they parted ways. Brad moved on through his Mr. & Mrs. Blacksmith co-star eventually. With rumours speculating that the romance sparked on the sets of the comedy-thriller, Angelina revealed in one interview a couple of years ~ the film's relax that she wasn't trying to find a companion at the time.

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Jolie spoke to Vogue in 2007 where opened up about how her relationship with Brad came into being. The actress at the time confessed Brad come as a surprise in her life. "I think us were both the critical two human being who were trying to find a relationship. I definitely wasn’t. I was quite content to be a solitary mom through Mad," referring to Maddox.

"And i didn’t know much about exactly whereby Brad was in his an individual life. But it was clear that was v his finest friend, who he loves and also respects. And so us were both living, ns suppose, an extremely full lives," she said the global magazine. The actress likewise revealed that throughout the filming of the movie, she would certainly look forward to heading to the sets and also working v Brad. "Because that the film we ended up being brought together to do all this crazy things, and also I think we uncovered this strange friendship and also partnership that type of simply suddenly happened. Ns think a couple of months in i realised, God, ns can’t wait to obtain to work. Even if it is it to be shooting a step or arguing around a scene or gun practice or dance course or doing stunts—anything we had actually to perform with every other, us just uncovered a lot of delight in it together and also a lot of real teamwork. We just came to be kind of a pair," Angelina explained.


The actress added that it was not until the end of the shoot the the two stars realised over there was much more in store than their had actually previously imagined. "And it took until, really, the finish of the shoot for us, ns think, come realise that it might mean something much more than we’d earlier permitted ourselves come believe. And both understanding that the reality of the was a huge thing, something that was walking to take it a the majority of serious consideration," she said.

Still ~ above the web page of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Brad told Rolling Stones in one interview the he and also Angelina had not watched the movie together, fine at least until 2008. "Can you clock that and have happy memories?" the interviewer asked. To which Brad replied, "No, we've never seen it. I simply mean because, you recognize ... 6 kids. Since I fell in love."

But in 2014, Angelina revealed the the Jolie-Pitt kids watched the movie and loved it. She told E! News the the youngsters found the idea of your parents fighting on-screen "very funny." "I mean, our children did watch—finally—Mr. And also Mrs. For one of the an initial times like last year, and also they believed it to be the funniest they'd ever. That course, seeing your own parents try to death each other is … for a child, it's like watching your parents play fight. It was very funny for them," she said.

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Where perform Brad and Angelina stand today?

The pair split in 2016 through their divorce still underway. However, a source recently said Entertainment Tonight the the previous flames are lastly in a location where they want to co-parent your six kids -- Maddox, 18; Pax, 16; Zahara, 15; Shiloh, 14; and twins Vivienne and also Knox, 11. "Brad and also Angelina have actually come a very long way and they're ultimately in a ar where castle both want to work together to raise your kids. They have no plans come reconcile and any communication in between them is concerning their children's needs and also future," the insider told ET. The gibbs was additionally spotted outside Angelina's residence a couple of time in the previous month.