Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were two of the biggest stars ~ above the planet as soon as they divorced 15 year ago. During the relationship, Pitt make millions starring in movies prefer Fight Club, Ocean’s 11, and Snatch.

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Meanwhile, Aniston to be earning $1 million per illustration on Friends. But prior to they tied the node in 2000, Pitt and also Aniston didn’t authorize a prenup. Just how much go Pitt’s divorce native Aniston actually price him?


Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt | Richard Corkery/NY everyday News archive via Getty Images

Brad Pitt met Jennifer Aniston in 1994 when ‘Friends’ premiered on NBC

Pitt and Aniston didn’t officially do their red carpet debut as a couple until the Emmy Awards in 1999. But they actually met 5 years earlier, just prior to the premiere that Friends. As Cheat Sheet has previously reported, the actors met through their agents in 1994.

Aniston called Rolling stone in 2001 that she remembered Pitt gift “just this sweet man from Missouri.” A pair of years later — as soon as they were both solitary — their managers set them up on a date and the duo yes, really hit it off.

PItt and Aniston dated covertly for months prior to going public through their relationship. They at some point married in July 2000 in a lavish ceremony in Malibu. End the following three years, Brad and Jen were Hollywood’s “It Couple.” and also fans couldn’t get enough of them.

At the height of the fan frenzy, Pitt made a guest figure on friend in the season 8 episode The One with the Rumor. 2 years later, the NBC sitcom to be coming to an end, and also Aniston to be looking front to life through Pitt ~ Friends.

May 2004 to be a large turning allude in Brad and Jen’s relationship

In February 2004, Aniston called The Guardian that she and also Pitt had just finished renovating their multi-million dollar mansion. She made that clear the she was all set to begin a family, and admitted “yeah, it’s time.”

“Something around creating a structure with someone. The is a fascinating procedure and ns really do think it’s such a test to a connection that the the very same thing as the stories you hear about having babies,” Aniston said. “It is difficult doing a house together. And also if you survive that, man, you can make it v anything.”

She go on come say that after filming wrapped on Friends, Pitt would be working on Mr. And also Mrs. Smith before beginning Ocean’s Twelve. The actress said that she would “thankfully” be able to travel v her husband.

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But just three month later, Aniston’s connection went through an unforeseen change. In May, the last episode that Friends aired on NBC. In ~ the same time, Pitt met Angelina Jolie and also began working on Mr. And also Mrs. Smith.

By the end of the year, the pair had called it quits. Castle announced their break-up in January 2005.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston didn’t sign a prenup

According to The Things, Pitt and also Aniston did not sign a prenuptial agreement prior to they ended up being husband and wife. Due to the fact that they married in California, state legislation dictated that Aniston would get 50 percent that Pitt’s earnings and also assets he earned throughout their marriage.

At the time, Pitt was worth more than Aniston. But not by much. And, she didn’t have any interest in his money. The split was actually rather amicable, and also the divorce to be quick and easy.

They finalized the divorce in October 2005, and also Aniston obtained their $29 million Beverly Hills home. She likewise kept a minor stake in their manufacturing company, arrangement B Productions. As for Pitt, the was called the single owner that the company, which to be worth an ext than $50 million in ~ the time.

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Compare that to Pitt’s divorce from Jolie, and it’s night and also day. The couple formerly well-known as Brangelina split in September 2016, and they still haven’t finalized their divorce. Pitt and also Jolie space both technically single because of a bifurcation. But they have yet come finalize the department of assets and also child custody.