Now that Eva Gutowski is officially turn off the market, the dating rumors in between her and also Brent Rivera have concerned an end! for years, YouTube fans were enamored v the on-and-off relationship between the two internet stars. They were constantly posting PDA-filled photos on social media, showing up in each other’s YouTube videos and flirting nonstop, for this reason it’s only natural that fans room wondered what was going on between them.

You are watching: Did brent and eva break up caught up with Eva in ~ the American heart Association Red Dress occasion in February 2020, and she spilled all the tea top top their relationship once and for all. So have the right to we officially start shipping #Breva? After years of heartbreak, jealousy and also flirting, space their Instagram articles the confirmation we’ve every been wait for? Well, it’s in reality a tiny complicated.

“Brent and also I — it’s complicated. The been complex forever. It’s so funny due to the fact that everyone’s constantly like, ‘Eva, what’s going on v you and Brent? space you just friends?’ You can ask united state both and we genuinely perform not also know,” she explained exclusively come “We just love each various other so much and we understand we’re walk to it is in in every other’s stays forever. We’re just having actually fun being together.”

The brunette beauty beauty revealed the they don’t want to make points official since they’re scared it may damage their friendship if points were to go wrong.

“If you clock the videos we’ve made, we’ve talked around how us were really nervous to not be friends after, if we were to breakup or something,” she added. “I think we both know that we’re such close friends, no matter what we’ll always be together.”

Eva additionally spilled on her favorite thing around Brent and what they prefer to execute together, and also it might not have been any kind of cuter.

“He’s mine favorite human to literally perform nothing with. It’s just so fun,” she gushed. “With Brent, there’s constantly like 20 civilization at his house, and when anyone goes home and also it’s favor midnight, we just sit and also watch Netflix and also are on our phones together. The so funny to literally perform nothing through Brent.”

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But just wait until you guys hear her very first impression the him.

“It’s so funny due to the fact that I feel prefer I no pay him any type of attention in ~ first. We were friends, however I saw him together my small brother until two years after we knew each other,” she said.

As for Brent, he exclusively told united state that his an initial impression the Eva was that she seemed “nice and fun,” and also that his favorite thing to carry out with she is “eat sushi and go to Disneyland.”

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As reader know, fans have been speculating that the two YouTubers were dating for a rather some time now. They’ve absolutely had a lot of ups and also downs in the relationship, and it’s definitely been a lengthy and complex journey because that the pair. And also in situation you forgot, here’s every little thing that’s gone down in between them. Scroll through our gallery because that a finish timeline of Eva and also Brent’s facility and confuse relationship.

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They started out as best friends. 

Eva and also Brent began off as total BFF goals. The beauty, beauty was dating Alex Hayes at the time, however she defined in a tell-all video that after ~ she observed a psychic, she began to construct feelings for Brent. The psychic told her the she was v a man who wasn’t an excellent for her and also that her soulmate to be actually among her friends. Naturally, she assumed the psychic to be referring come Brent, and it started to gain in her head.


Brent led her on.

And their continuous flirting absolutely didn’t help! Eva declared in the tell-all video clip that Brent continuously led her on, in spite of not having feelings for her. And also one time, ~ a late-night hangout session, Brent even texted Eva and admitted the he want to kissed her!

Not to point out that he was super protective over her. Eva and also her ex-boyfriend Alex had a pretty rocky relationship, and the YouTube star explained that Brent was never ever a huge fan of her ex.

“When we filmed the ‘If my Life was an Emotional teen Movie’ video, i was at the moment dating Alex. Brent it s okay in the vehicle — girlfriend didn’t obtain shotgun. You sat in the back seat of my car, and then the whole time we were driving come the park, every time you would say miscellaneous I would certainly look in the rearview mirror and you would be death staring me and him. At any time anything would come the end of his mouth, friend looked at me like, ‘Why space you with this person?’ like you provided me that look,” Eva described in the video.

While Brent claimed he entirely didn’t carry out that, Eva carried up a pair more point out that just couldn’t be denied. Favor the time Eva and also Alex had actually a fight in ~ a restaurant referred to as McCormick & Schmick’s. This was about the exact same time Drake‘s track came out v the lyric, Why girlfriend gotta fight v me in ~ Cheesecake ?” shortly after, Eva offered a variation of the Drake lyric as the caption of one of her pics through Alex. For this reason what walk Brent do? that made a destruction at Alex by commenting, “What about McCormick & Schmick’s?” THE shade THOUGH. Execute we feeling some jealousy here?


They both cried about their relationship.

Eventually, Eva just had actually it, and she broke down crying come Brent expressing the she’d great he’d just stop leading her on if the didn’t feeling the same way about her. And also sure enough, Brent started crying also — telling her the he didn’t desire to destroy their friendship.

“I know that ns led you on, and I recognize that it to be my fault that you were crying. And that’s why i felt bad because you were my friend,” Brent described in the video. “You never ever want to see your girlfriend cry, and also when it’s due to the fact that of you that hurts even more.”

After that, Eva gotten in into a relationship with Adam Bartoshesky. The two seemed pretty happy together, yet in February 2018, the pair decided to go their different ways.


Brent want to victory her back.

After Eva and Adam damaged up, Brent described in a YouTube video that that felt it to be his possibility to win Eva back, but he wasn’t certain if she still had feelings for him. Therefore he decided to invite her to hangout, climate text another girl in prior of she to see how she’d react. Definitely not his smartest move, if girlfriend ask us.

Naturally, Eva obtained really upset about it and Brent defined that she ran to her car and started crying. That’s once the two determined to talk every little thing out once and also for all.

“So after ~ our long conversation and also a lot of screaming and also a many crying, we gained that us weren’t really ready,” Brent explained. “But we established that us were more than friends.”


They finally gave the partnership a go.

After that, they determined to give the relationship a go once and for all! They go on a couple dates — including an adorable pilgrimage to Disneyland.

“At this point, points were going great,” Brent continued. “I actually began really falling a little bit because that Eva. Points were in reality happening between us.”

They even kissed in the video, and also they might not have actually been cuter. But unfortunately, the didn’t critical long.

“But then, she went on this trip and also she stayed at this guys house,” Brent continued. “It was simply her friend and now I understand what happened however she to be posting a bunch that stories and also pictures with these guys and I felt choose I had opened increase lately, so as soon as I observed that ns was gaining jealous.”

This resulted in a major fight in between the couple.

“I said things i shouldn’t have said. I deserve to see now that ns was overreacting,” that added. “After that I kind of placed up a wall surface and she placed up a wall. Us talked yet we didn’t continue that partnership that we had before.”

At the end of the video, Brent described that also he was unsure the their current relationship status.

“I thought we would have everything figured out by now,” Brent added. “I honestly have actually no idea what us are. Best now, we’re not dating yet we’re an ext than friends.”

They dated because that a day.

In a video clip posted in July 2019, called, “Dating My finest Friend because that 24 Hours,” Brent and Eva provided their love one more shot — but there’s a catch. Get this, you males — the YouTubers just dated for a day. Happy for us, they documented the whole thing for Brent’s channel.

“Eva and also I have been really, really close friends for a really lengthy time. I’ve well-known her for prefer six years,” Brent defined in the video. “But today, I want to move it up and see what it would be like to day Eva for whole 24 hours.”

First, the society media stars go on a picnic, and Brent even fed Eva some strawberries. Yeah, it was pretty romantic. After ~ that, they hit up the mall, and also Brent said Eva she might pick the end anything she wanted and he’d buy it because that her. Just how sweet? Next, they checked out the happiest ar on planet together — Disneyland. Oh, and did we cite that they organized hands, cuddled and also even kissed a couple of times throughout the video?

OK, therefore although it was most likely all because that the vlog, it to be pretty epos to lastly see them as a couple! and the 24-year-old opened up about making the video clip to Entertainment Tonight.

“The funny thing is, in the video, i said, ‘This is simply gonna be the same. We’re simply gonna live our typical lives,’ since it’s weird. Brent and also I currently do stuff that’s prefer a couple,” she shared. “Like if friend saw united state in public, you will do be like, ‘Oh, they’re a couple.’ but we’re not. So that wasn’t that different. Nothing yes, really surprised me. I was like, ‘I already know you."”

She also spilled some major tea on their facility relationship.

“I think we’re simply such great friends and also trust each various other so much. Our bond is literally so solid because we’re both indigenous Orange County. So ns feel favor we connect on prefer a various level as well as social media. He’s constantly felt, to me, more like a hometown friend that I’ve had because I was a kid than someone ns met on society media. I think we simply don’t want to destroy that,” Eva explained. “So it’s sort of choose this weird blurry line. And also we love to create content through each various other so that’s gonna come naturally. I don’t know, probably down the roadway we’ll get together however there’s no point now. We’re just having actually so much fun doing what we’re dong.”

They got married for a day.

But the didn’t end there! In November 2019, the web pretty much shed it as soon as Brent common a snap that him and also Eva standing in ~ an transform in a swoon-worthy tux and gorgeous white wedding gown. But no, these 2 didn’t walk under the aisle together. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief since it turns out, they only pretending to obtain married because that his vlog!

Now, they’re simply friends.

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In a new video posted on might 9, 2020, Eva explained why lock most most likely won’t ever go into into a partnership again.

“I’ve tried and also I’ve make the efforts for many years. Ns love Brent come death and he’s my best friend, but I can’t store trying,” she said. “We love each various other so much, I’ve to be led top top a string for so countless years and also I’m just done being confused. I want to know someone desires me … If you express you choose someone and they nothing reciprocate, she going come go speak to other people. I want to it is in happy, ns don’t want to be waiting for someone.”

OK, for this reason they may not it is in boyfriend and girlfriend, yet it’s clear they have actually a shortcut that can never it is in broken!

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