Brooklyn Nine-Nine has returned for an eighth season – in the us at least. The news was announced in basically the nicest possible way, through the main Instagram account share the minute the cast were called they"d be coming earlier for more.

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"We want to dispel few of these stunner rumours around next season," one NBC executive told the gang throughout a table read. "We desire you to come back."


Season eight, sadly, is additionally the show"s critical outing.

"Ending the present was a complicated decision, yet ultimately, we felt it was the best means to honour the characters, the story and also our viewers," claimed co-creator Dan Goor. "I know some world will be disappointed it"s ending so soon, however honestly, I"m thankful it it is long this long. Location of mine sex tape."

So, what will certainly season eight involve? Here"s whatever you should know, and also that"s a Peralta guarantee.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 relax date: once will the air?

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Season eight premiered on Thursday, respectable 12 on NBC in the US.

There is no news on once UK fans deserve to watch it, but in previous years the display popped increase on E4 a couple of month after the us broadcast – an interpretation we might be seeing new episodes soon, despite it is taking longer than usual.

In the meantime, friend can examine out a post-finale interview the talk present host Seth Meyers had with the cast and also crew – including Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz, Andre Braugher, Melissa Fumero and also co-creator Dan Goor – in which castle reminisced about their time ~ above Brooklyn 99 and chatted about the obstacles of filming the last season during the pandemic.

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"I"m continuous in a fetal position, pulling my hair out and also convinced the we"ve destroyed the tradition of the show," claimed Goor around bringing the display to a close.

"I think us all really feel exceptionally proud of the occupational that we did this critical season, with all the weird challenges, the writing challenges, the acting challenges, the crew challenges, yet it feeling joyful. It felt really joyful the method that us finished it," Beatriz claimed of the final season.

Fumero also shared she thoughts around the final day that filming in one essay because that Entertainment Weekly.

"Andy make a yes, really beautiful speech. The wasn"t looking at a record or anything, so he either just came up v it ahead of time in his head or he was speaking in the moment. It was the wonderful Andy Samberg mix of funny and also heartfelt."

"It still astounds me that I obtained to it is in on such an amazing present with so many talented people. We had actually the finest of the ideal working ~ above this show, and I learned so lot through the food of it."

While you prepare you yourself for the emotional final season, friend can catch up with periods one to seven on Netflix.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 plot: What will happen?

Season eight tackles the black color Lives matter movement, v the 4 episodes that had already been written scrapped to refocus on this critical conversation.

"It"s a very complicated subject, but I think castle need to be depicted much much more realistically, in terms of this: the convention... The police breaking the legislation is okay since somehow it"s in the business of some greater good, is a myth that demands to it is in destroyed," Andre Braugher (Captain Raymond Holt) told Entertainment Weekly"s The Awardist podcast.

"We"re going into an eighth season with a new challenge, i beg your pardon is the everyone"s knowledge and feelings around police... Have actually been profoundly affected."


"The challenge is going to be gift honest around what is walk on in the world and also not shying far from the reality that over there are significant problems, and also not punishing viewers who prefer our show and care around our characters," Andy Samberg (Jake Peralta) said Variety.

"Our characters need to study their duties in the world. They"re going to be forced to look at in the mirror and see that they"re complicit with."

John C McGinley was brought in because that a four episode arc together the head the the patrolman’s union, frank O"Sullivan, to assist tackle the issue. He remained in as quickly as he check out the scripts.

"I called earlier Dan Goor, that I think is the Norman Lear of his generation, and I told that nothing cries the character of Frank much more than "Archie Bunker meets Yosemite Sam". The was too delicious of a character to happen up," McGinley called AV Club.

"This man only needs to see blue, that"s the only colour the sees, that offers so much fuel come Raymond Holt, Rosa, and Jake."

He to be confident that Goor was qualified of tackling together a difficult topic.

"Any insensitivity right here would result in a total mess,” he continued. “Dan was keenly conscious of any traps castle may have actually fallen into throughout the past seven seasons. The authors made frank his own worst enemy."

And it"s not simply the BLM activity that necessary to be incorporated into season eight. The global pandemic additionally needed to it is in acknowledged.

"We think there is a worth to escapism, however at the same time, we don"t desire to it is in ignorant," Goor called The Hollywood Reporter. "I don"t think anybody wants united state to, nor perform we desire to, have our personalities toiling far in the depths of the pandemic. Ns don"t think that"s the direction we"ll walk in.

"But the concern is exactly how they have actually been impacted by the virus and the pandemic as new York City residents and as very first responders in brand-new York City. How do we save the present funny? how do we do that while quiet making lock of this world and of your world? It"s challenging."


But before we obtain too serious, there will certainly be less heavy elements to season eight. Jake and Amy"s baby will also play a huge role in season eight"s shenanigans.

"We"re really conscious, similarly to once we combination them up, the this is a workplace show," Goor said.

"While we favor doing comedy about them as a romantic item, or together a married couple, or together parents, we mainly do comedy around them functioning together.

"Hopefully we"ll have the ability to strike a similar balance, and I think we"ll be mindful of the fact that they have a kid."

He added: "I think it"s one interesting element to have both Jake and also Amy it is in working civilization who have actually to number out exactly how to balance the job they love v being great parents, which is what they desire to be."

During your interview with Seth Meyers, Samberg and also Fumero did disclose that Jake and Amy tho share a kiss on screen regardless of COVID restrictions throughout filming.

"We weren"t to plan on law one," said Samberg. "We assumed we couldn"t perform it and also then that visited the COVID safety and security specialist."

"The director to be like, "Absolutely not. COVID,"" said Goor. "If lock kiss we have actually to grant it in advance, they need to rapid test and they have to mouthwash automatically beforehand. And also then all of a sudden, the COVID guy, Sean, to walk up and also he said, "They have the right to kiss!""

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 cast: Who"s in it?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars Andy Samberg together immature police detective Jake Peralta, alongside a superb ensemble including Melissa Fumero (Amy Santiago), terrycloth Crews (Terry Jeffords), Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa Diaz) and also Andre Braugher as the intimidating Captain Holt.

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SEASON 8! ooklyn99 #dreamscometrue

— Stephanie Beatriz (
iamstephbeatz) November 14, 2019
But Kyra Sedgwick will not be earlier as Deputy chef Madeline Wuntch ~ she passed away suddenly.

Sedgwick said Collider that she to be "a small sad" about being eliminated off, adding: "Because ns really perform love doing the show, however Dan Goor dubbed me and was like, "We"ve gained to carry out it. Us love you, but we"ve acquired to perform it. It"s the finale, so we"ve acquired to. And also I was like, "I obtain it."

"But they threw me a bone in letting me straight the show. And I got to straight JK Simmons in the illustration that i did, which to be so fun. So, I acquire it. All great things should end. Yet I go love Madeline, and also she"s definitely a feather in mine cap."

Speaking that sadness, the entire cast seems to have struggled v saying goodbye to the series.

“As it acquired towards the end, it gained really emotionally rough since we every realised it was truly ending," Andy Samberg called Seth Meyers (via ScreenRant). "We every love every other and have to be spending all the time together for eight years. There was a the majority of crying at the dorn times. There are scenes whereby you can argue, like, you must cry. And also then there"s various other stuff whereby it"s like… i just dropped out and also I"d be choose "I just realised it"s the last time terry is gonna say he loves yogurt.""

Melissa Fumero had actually a similarly an effective emotional response.

"It was heavy, man. It"s rarely in life the there"s an occasion coming towards you the you recognize is going to be yes, really emotional... And I assumed I was prepared for it. Ns was not. The was means heavier than I thought it was going come be," Fumero claimed (via ET).

"It was means harder "cause girlfriend realise on the day the you weren"t just saying goodbye to this people, you were additionally saying goodbye to this characters and these stories," she said.

"You know you"ll keep in touch and also you"ll view each other, but you can not every be in the exact same room together ever again, so it to be a lot. There were a most tears top top the critical day and also it was really beautiful and also special. And also I"m really excited for fans to see the episodes."

And we now know that the two-episode finale is title "The last Day" (parts one and two). No, YOU"RE crying.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs ~ above NBC in the US. E4 aired season 7 in the UK, with seasons 1-7 obtainable on Netflix.

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