Beloved country duo Brooks & Dunn, aka Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, shocked the world in 2009 once they announced that, after a successful two decades together, they were calling the quits. People sat down with them in ~ the time, note although that seemed favor a rashes decision, an especially for long-time fans of the group, the males didn"t take it it lightly. "It"s too good a steed to journey it right into the ground," Brooks explained.

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As he was likewise quick to note, "We"re still great friends. I"m proud come say we"ve never had actually a fight, never even yelled at each other. And that"s the truth." Dunn agreed, revealing, "We began as co-workers and also realized we had entirety lot in common. We"ve finished up more like brothers." However, regardless of their shared love for each other, both guys agreed the break-up was, sadly, a long time coming.

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In fact, both Brooks and also Dunn initially envisioned themselves together solo artists, and neither was as well thrilled when the idea the performing together was floated. As Brooks admitted in one interview v Larry King, when a record agency executive at first pitched it, they were reluctant. "We"re like, "We don"t wanna execute this. Us don"t understand each other. Ns mean, this is simply silly,"" he recalled (via Taste the Country.) back they came to be fast girlfriend (and supposedly never had actually a fight), the nation stars consistently butted top musically to the allude that songs for their Tight Rope document were recorded and also produced separately.

Still, they insist rumors around them full-on hating each various other are madness exaggerated. However, "Looking back, we should have just take away a break and let every the dust settle under us," Dunn admitted to USA Today, v Brooks elaborating, "There have constantly been hurt feelings. Over there have always been opinions."

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In 2015, the duo rejoined for a hugely successful Las vegas residency through Reba McEntire. "We"ve to be going to dinners and also going ~ above vacations together, which is pretty impressive considering Ronnie and I hate each other and also don"t gain along," Brooks joked to Rolling Stone. Elsewhere, Brooks appeared on "Damn Drunk" native Dunn"s 2016 album, Tattooed Heart.

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In 2019, a te after their initial split, Brooks and Dunn shocked the people once much more by re-teaming because that a duets project referred to as Reboot, which includes contributions from some of contemporary country"s best stars. The cooperation debuted at No. 1, as per Taste of Country.

As Brooks called Rolling Stone, "Certainly Ronnie and also I constantly considered ourself brothers an ext than friends. We"ve never ever been fear to to express our differences of opinions to each other." Dunn agreed, confirming, "There"s never been dislike or discord. We"ve never ever not been friends."