I"m A Celebrity... Get Me out Of below star Caitlyn zener - who is currently "dating" Sophia Hutchins - claimed sex v her ex, Kris Jenner, was awkward


Caitlyn, pictured together Bruce, said she felt 'uncomfortable' during sex through Kris zener (Image: Maureen Donaldson/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Indeed, before Kris, the Olympian had actually slept with simply two other women - wives Chrystie Crownover and also Linda Thompson.

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And after she 2015 change started, she continued to be decidedly ~ above the fence around whether she would sleep with men, women or both.

"Of the most crucial things in my life, sex is past the bottom; it has actually been that method for a lengthy time," she explained.

“A future mrs companion? ns think around that. A future female sex-related companion? not happening, at the very least for now, and perhaps not ever,” Caitlyn, 70, wrote in her memoirs.


Caitlyn and also wife Linda Thompson back in 1984 (Image: Rex)

At the time, she hinted she may actually have actually been much more open to conference a man.

“A future male sexual companion? I have actually never had the inclination. Yet maybe that perspective might possibly change if I have actually the final Surgery," she continued.

She was later linked to transgender actress Candis Cayne, with the pair reportedly spotted kissing in ~ a salon (claims Cait denied) before the so-called 'Final Surgery' to remove her prick took ar in 2017.


She married Chrystie Scott in 1977 (Image: Getty)

Caitlyn to be briefly linked to Candis Cayne (Image: Splash)

“The surgical procedure was a success, and also I feel not only wonderful however liberated," she wrote, insisting the body component was 'just a penis' the was of no 'use'.

"I just want to have actually all the appropriate parts. I am likewise tired that tucking the damn point in all the time," joked the fact star, who additionally underwent a sleep job, boob job, tracheal shave, jaw reshaping and beard removal as component of her transition.

Then reports asserted she was date transgender model Sophia Hutchins, 23.

And in 2017, Caitlyn hinted the she was as soon as again enjoying intimacy, informing The times she'd previously been "no good" at sex because it supposed “giving", adding, " I believe I am much better now."

Sophia and also Caitlyn space 'partners in life' (Image: Getty images for THR)

Meanwhile, Caitlyn and also Sophie wasted no time relocating in together and have invested the last 2 years jet-setting throughout the globe.

Acknowledging their reported relationship, Caitlyn's step-daughter Khloe Kardashian explained Sophia as, "really sweet."

"She’s younger, yet she’s not bothering anyone. She super sweet," she stated in a Divorce Sucks! podcast.

And while no Cait or Sophie have officially confirmed their connection status, the latter explained them together "partners in whatever we do".

"We’re inseparable, we’re business partners, us live together, us share a dog, we share family, we share a life together," she said.

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