just how Bruce Lee's Illegal chuck Norris Fight occurred Arguably the many iconic martial arts fight scene ever before is Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris in The means Of The Dragon, i beg your pardon was in reality filmed illegally.

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In 1972, Bruce Lee filmed one illegal fight scene v Chuck Norris that developed into one of the most iconic martial arts showdowns of all time. The struggle in question happened in The means of the Dragon, which to be Lee’s 3rd kung fu movie. Complying with his starring roles in The big Boss and Fist because that Fury with golden Harvest, Lee signed a contract come make another movie v the Hong Kong studio.

This time, Lee to be to not just play the command but also write the script and direct the project. With complete creative control end the film, Lee was enabled to supply the kung fu suffer he wanted, i m sorry he finished with a dramatic, ten-minute faceoff in between his character and Chuck Norris’ Colt in ~ the Colosseum in Rome. Remembered in part for gift Norris’ breakout role, Way that the Dragon’s Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris battle has a special place in the history of kung fu movies, as result of the visceral feel of the fight and the martial arts choreography.

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Getting the struggle to happen didn’t come without challenges. After providing up top top his plan to film Way that the Dragon in the unified States, Lee moved the task to Rome, specifically so he could shoot the last fight in the Colosseum. According to Bruce Lee: A Life by Matthew Polly, Lee want to struggle a Western villain in the Colosseum after ~ being motivated by the occasions of the 1960 historic epic, Spartacus. The problem with this idea, though, is that filming within the Colosseum is illegal. That’s why scenes are very rarely shot within the amphitheater, even when the a large part that the story. Hollywood movies like Spartacus or Gladiator had actually to execute recreations of the roman landmark in ar of the genuine thing. However while filming restrictions have actually stood in the means of others, the didn’t stop Lee from making it work.

Lee taken the concerns with shoot in the Colosseum and took steps to bypass them. Polly created in his publication that to shoot the vital footage, Lee and also the Way the the Dragon crew had actually to bribe roman officials. Afterward, castle were allowed to sneak cameras in their bags, as lengthy as lock pretended to be tourists. Because of these strict rules, they were just able to remain for a couple of hours. This gave the filmmakers enough time to film a couple of shots, but not the whole sequence. They had to leave and shoot the remainder of the sequence ago on collection at golden Harvest and blend the clip together.

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The extra problem that entered making The way of the Dragon’s showdown paid off in a huge way, as well as the perfect spreading of chuck Norris and the realistic choreography. The setting of a place with a history as cool as the Colosseum further enhanced the excited of the fight in between Bruce Lee and also the Karate champion, i m sorry is still assumed of as one of the best of its kind.