CURIOUS social media users are wondering whether Bruce Willis is a Trump supporter after he to be kicked the end of a Rite assist for no wearing a mask.

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The actor has kept largely quiet about his political leanings, yet the snafu at the California drugstore has social media is buzzing about whether he's red or blue.

Bruce Willis attends the UK Premiere that "Glass" at The Curzon Mayfair ~ above January 09, 2019 in LondonCredit: Getty - Contributor

Is Bruce Willis a trump supporter?

Before Donald Trump's election in 2016, number of outlets produced fake pro-Trump price quotes attributed come the gibbs in an effort to encourage Trump's campaign..

According come fact-checker Snopes, the outlets used this made-up quote: "Before every choice so much there to be debates and fighting in between candidates.

"But, when we had a winner everybody just stood behind the elected president. Currently we see that the fighting and also conflict continue long after ~ the 2016 election. I don't prefer that. That doesn't watch good. If girlfriend don't choose him walk to Canada or something."

Snopes has debunked the quote as entirely fake.


Bruce Willis attends the Showtime, WME IME and Mayweather PromotionsCredit: Getty photos - Getty

Is Bruce Willis a Republican?

The actor has actually not asserted his politics affiliations, however fans think he may be a Republican.

The only time Bruce has talked publicly ~ above his political beliefs was in a 2007 interview with Fox's former contributor bill O'Reilly.

"I recognize that I have actually just as plenty of contrary opinions about everything," he claimed of his politics leanings.

"And I have just as many liberal ideas as I have conservative ideas. And also I argue v myself."

Reports alluded come Bruce voting for George bush in an choice years ago. As soon as prompted in the O'Reilly interview, that outlined his beliefs in much more detail, saying:

"I do have contrary opinions around it. Girlfriend know, little government, yes. Much less taxes, yes. Less federal government intrusion, yes."


Bruce Willis attends the Los Angeles premiere HBO's "His Way" in ~ Paramount theatre on the big StudiosCredit: Getty - Contributor

Bruce to be kicked out of a Rite assist store in Los Angeles for refusing to wear a mask, then stormed the end of the pharmacy without make his purchase.

The communication prompted social media customers to wonder even if it is he might ago the president, who has actually flip-flopped top top his support for challenge masks.


Bruce Willis refused to stay a mask at the Rite help store and also was request to leave the storeCredit: BackGrid

The 65-year-old gibbs upset various other shoppers when he refused to stay a mask if shopping. 

Wearing a blue and white stripe t-shirt, dark leather jacket, baseball cap and jeans, Bruce to be spotted perusing the aisles in the store.


Willis couldn't to buy anything and also left empty-handedCredit: BackGrid

The maskless actor reportedly irritated shoppers when he refused to traction up his bandanna, which to be tied approximately his neck, come cover his nose and mouth. 

A fellow shopper told web page Six that Bruce stormed turn off in protest and also left there is no his purchase.

How many children does Bruce Willis have?

Bruce share his three oldest daughters v ex wife Demi Moore.

Bruce has actually two younger daughters - Mabel, 8, and also Evelyn, 6, v his present wife Emma Hemming, 42.

The gibbs surprised fans once he revealed that he invested the first coronavirus lockdown with Demi and their children instead of his new wife.

Explaining exactly how the odd case came about, Scout told a podcast: "It’s been so funny due to the fact that to me they’re just like my at sight f***ing monster parents yet to everyone else, they’re in ~ this various level.

Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming arrive at the premiere that Touchstone Pictures' "Surrogates"Credit: Getty images - Getty
Emma Heming celebrates her birthday through her family members including Demi MooreCredit:
The Willis familyCredit: social Media - describe Source

“It’s actually been really cool. Mine stepmum was an alleged to come up right here with my small sisters but my younger sister, who is now around to be 6 year old, in ~ a park, had never acquired the talk about not f***ing with hypodermic needles that she found, therefore she actually tried to poke her shoe with it and also poked she foot.”

“So mine stepmum had actually to be in LA waiting to get the outcomes from acquisition her to the doctor so my dad came up here and then travel acquired crazy so mine stepmum remained in LA with my little sisters,” she said.

Bruce rejoined with his young family members a month later in may when they came approximately the Idaho residential or commercial property Demi to be living in - and also the whole clan celebrated Evelyn's 6th birthday together.

What is Bruce Willis' net worth?

The actor is said to be worth $250million follow to Celebrity net Worth.

During his career, Bruce has actually consistently been among the highest-paid leading guys in Hollywood.

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Between the so late 1980s and also the present, he has actually earned numerous millions of dollars in film salaries alone.

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