TikTok drama reached new heights end Memorial day Weekend when Sway house members Jaden Hossler and also Bryce room were arrested for possession of medicine in Texas. A lot has actually gone down since the initial arrest so, to keep all the juicy details straight, here"s everything you need to know around the arrest scandal the shook a entirety app.

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What walk down?

In instance you haven"t been adhering to the best TikTok scandal like...ever, here"s a debrief that what in reality happened:

The guide Boys made decision to walk on a road pilgrimage over Memorial work Weekend, yet while they were in Giddings, Texas, Jaden and Bryce obtained arrested and charged through drug possession. Some people who were in the area at the moment took videos of the arrest walking down and it easily went famous on the Internet.

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What"s walking to happen to the boys?

According come sources, Jaden might possibly face prison time due to the fact that of the arrest. Bryce to be allegedly only charged through a misdemeanor due to the fact that he had less than 2 ounces that marijuana top top him. Jaden, however, to be reportedly found with less than 2 ounces the marijuana and less 보다 400 grams of a regulated substance. Because of this, he to be supposedly charged through a felony.

Bryce"s bail was reportedly collection at $5,000. Due to the fact that of the charges, Bryce is feather at encountering up come 180 days in jail or a well of $2,000. Jaden, meanwhile, had actually to pay $6,500 because that bail and also he could be looking at 2 to twenty years in prison or a good of up to $11,000, according to Insider.

How have TikTok stars responded?

After news broke about the arrests, the TikTok ar came the end in assistance of the sway Boys. Follow Hudson tweeted, "wait relax give us earlier Jaden," notably leaving Bryce out of the message, most likely because Bryce previously accused follow of cheating ~ above his ex, Charli D"Amelio.

Avani Gregg, meanwhile, tweeted out the trending hashtag #FreeSway, in addition to a frowny face.

Thomas Petrou placed his drama aside v Bryce Hall and commented on a post around the arrests, saying, "Hope they"re alright." Thomas, who is a cofounder of the exaggeration House, was previously feuding with Bryce after Bryce implied that his ex, Addison Rae, to be planning on leaving the content house.

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