The winner that the 2010 Heisman Trophy is Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton. However, some debate comes through this selection.

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The Heisman Trophy is an compensation designed to respect the biggest amateur athlete in university football. Newton, as you might recall, was investigated through the NCAA ~ above allegations of a pay-for-play scandal, something that rocked the college football people when the reports an initial surfaced. The NCAA close up door the investigation, saying the Newton"s amateur standing was jeopardized by his father Cecil Newton; however, due to the fact that Cameron Newton was supposedly unaware of the scheme, the was considered eligible by the NCAA for the SEC Championship Game.

My ideology on choosing a Heisman winner under the abovementioned situation is the if the player"s amateur standing is compromised in any type of way, form or form, then the player must not it is in eligible to become a Heisman finalist.

The NCAA produced a controversial precedent by permitting Newton to continue participating in the college football season, in spite of themselves admitting that his amateur standing was in question. I will certainly not it is in surprised if his Heisman is ultimately vacated, comparable to Reggie Bush.

If it transforms out the Newton was mindful of the scandal, climate the NCAA will certainly forever be recognized as a, frankly, hypocritical business.


Newton"s amateur status will continue to be a object of dispute in the coming years and if his Heisman is ultimately vacated, then it will certainly all trace back to the NCAA"s controversial decision to reinstate Newton in the an initial place.

The NCAA"s credibility is not the cleanest the reputations, but if fallout originates from Newton"s Heisman Trophy, climate the Heisman Trophy Trust will certainly be unfair persecuted together a result and that will be incredibly disappointing if that occurs. I am hoping the Newton to be unaware of the scandal, but as of now I am having actually a tough time believing that.

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