Meryl Davisand professional dance partnerMaksimChmerkovskiywere called champions of the alphabet dancing competition show’s 18th season throughout Tuesday’s live results show.

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“It is simply plastic, however it way so much,” saidChmerkovskiyof the mirror round trophy as his partner was hoisted high top top everyone’s shoulders.

The final three couples vying because that the mirror round were Full House‘s Candace Cameron-Bure and also Mark Ballas;Olympic champion ice cream dancerDavis and Chmerkovskiy; and Paralympian Amy Purdy and also Derek Hough.

STORY:‘Dancing v the Stars’ Recap: D.J. Freestyles

Bure and also Ballas came in third, with Ballas informing the judges of his dance partner: “I make an amazing friend. It was a complete joy and also an respect to acquire to understand you.”Bure announced the “it was a substantial accomplishment.” Purdy and also Hough to be second.

The two-hour finale, which marked outgoing executive producer Conrad Green‘s last episode (Rob Wade will certainly succeed him together showrunner), was a star-packed affair. Christina Perri, Iggy Azaleafeaturing Charli XCX, Glee star and also DWTS season 17 winner Amber Riley, Ariana Grande and eliminated dancer Cody Simpson additionally performed.

Previously eliminated dancers to be James Maslow, Diana Nyad, Sean Avery, Simpson, attracted Carey, Witney Carson, Danica McKellar and also Charlie White. Billy Dee Williams i was withdrawn from the compete in mainly 3.

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