It goes without saying that relationships have their ups and also downs — whether you’re a celebrity or a normal person. You deserve to be compatible through someone and also still go with unfortunate situations, or uncover yourself fighting for something that’s simply not working. And for a lengthy time, fans believed that Cardi B and Offset's relationship absolutely fell under the latter. 

The on-and-off-again pair have to be vocal around the battles they’ve faced through the relationship. In ~ one point, fans even thought that their marriage was end for an excellent due come infidelity rumors and a court case. But, due to the fact that the couple loves come play the breakup-to-makeup game, fans can never be too certain that they’re back on.

So are Cardi B and Offset earlier together? review on to obtain the complete scoop.

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If you’ve been maintaining up v Cardi B (real name: Belcalis Almánzar) and also Offset (real name: Kiari Cephus), then you know that the rappers have had actually quite the roller coaster the a relationship. After going public v their coupledom in 2017 and getting married in 2018, the hitmakers ended up being one that hip-hop’s golden couples.


However, things started to go left together rumors surfaced the the “Need It” MC was stepping out. Rumors surfaced digital in early 2018 that the Atlanta rapper was accused of having sexual rendezvous with various women and had even made a sex tape, per Harper’s Bazaar.

While fans meant Cardi B to leave, she made decision to stay with Offset. In a series of responses to fans captured by blogs, the Bronx femcee revealed that beginning over again through a new guy is not the appropriate thing for her.

After the dust settled, the couple patched up their relationship and also welcomed your daughter, Kulture, come the people in July 2018.

More rumors surfaced that counter was cheating, i m sorry led Cardi B to gain into a physics altercation in ~ a new York City strip club.

After celebrating your one-year wedding anniversary in September 2018, Cardi post a video in December 2018, explaining that they split.

And in September 2020, fans were encouraged they were really done after Cardi B filed because that divorce. TMZ reports the Cardi was seeking major physical custody and also said in court docs that “there room no prospects because that reconciliation.”

Just a month later, Cardi shown in an instant Instagram Live session that she and Offset got ago together. And things have showed up to be smooth sailing because they reconciled.


The rapper announced the she was pregnant in ~ the 2021 bet Awards, and fans have been anywhere Cardi B's announcement video.

It appears that Cardi B took a page out of Beyoncé’s book. Flash back to the 2011 MTV video Music Awards, whereby Beyoncé delivered an exceptional performance of her hit tune “Love ~ above Top.” and also with a mic autumn heard roughly the world, Queen Bey unbuttoned her pink blazer to reveal her baby bump.

Now, Cardi B is complying with suit. In a performance v hubby Offset’s lab group, the Migos, Cardi B collection social media ablaze as she struggle the stage. She wore a glitzy black number, and fans experienced her gorgeous infant bump together she rapped her verse.

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And while part fans doubted if it to be true, the rapper took to Instagram to officially re-publishing the news. 

In a picture with her stomach covered with white plaster, Cardi B shown the news that she is in truth expecting. “#2," she captioned the photo, consisting of a love emoji and also tagging Offset.