Will Smith and the cast ofThe new Prince the Bel-Aircame together for a 75-minute reunion unique on HBO Max, i beg your pardon droppeda job earlyWednesday, and also they took a moment to mental the late James Avery, that played the lover Bankspatriarch, Uncle Phil, for 6 seasons.

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Avery, whodied in 2013 at period 68 following complications from open heart surgery, was attributed by theFresh Princecast together being "the love of the show."

"He to be my teacher. Ns learned what it method to it is in anartist native him," Tatyana Ali, that played Ashley, stated in the special, if Daphne Maxwell Reid, who depicted Aunt Viv, added: "We knew that he knew the answer or can guide folks come the answers." Others favor Alfonso Ribeiro, best known together Carlton, and Ross Bagley, aka Nicky,rememberedAvery for his fondness of jazz music and also the arts.

But it to be Smith"s enjoy of exactly how much of an affect Avery, that played Will"s surrogate father on the series,had ~ above him that hit the deepest.

"He thrust me so hard. His thing was that i am in such a distinctive position and that responsibility, you have to elevate your craft. You have to represent and also you space paving a way, and also he just wouldn"t provide me an inch," blacksmith shared.

Smith recalled filming the iconic and most emotional illustration ofFresh Prince,season 4"s "Papa"s acquired a Brand new Excuse," where Will"s organic father re-emerges ~ 14 years out of his life.

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"I remember in one of my favorite and most famed scenes indigenous Fresh Prince -- thefather illustration -- James Avery was this 6"4", 300-pound stage-trained shak spa beast and also I"m the small rapper from philly under him and also I want him come think i was good. I wanted him to be proud of me, for this reason the episode comes and we involved that scene and I was like... I desire to supply this step so bad," he recalled that Will and Uncle Phil"s tearful heart-to-heart. "If girlfriend remember, in former of the audience, i flubbed my heat on the take and also I messed it increase in former of the audience and my mind snapped and also I"m like, "Ahhhh!"James says, "Hey! best here!"And i was like...<straightens up>. He to be like, "Use me!"And that says, "Get yourself together,"and I obtain it together and also he says, "Action.""

"With the scene that we do, it"s the scene that ends gift in the episode. And also I loss into his eight at the finish of scene, he"s stop me and also he"s holding me. That whispered right into my ear, "Now that"s acting,"" a tearfulSmith added, acquisition Kleenex out of his pocket to wipe his eyes. "Every single time..." the paused together his voice started to crack together the emotions of the load of the scene and how lot Avery intended to him began to take it over. "And it"s like human being don"t also know once they"re shaping you and forming you and also crafting you. The knew."

"There space some human being that plant seeds. That"s what castle do. And also they execute it to anyone lock come across," Ali agreed.

"He to be proud of who he was. He was proud that his race. He to be proud that the history of his race," Joseph Marcell, who played Geoffrey, reminisced as Smith, Ali and also the actors let the tears flow. "And he can see it and it fell upon you to grab the reins."


The actors then watched a sweet, moving video clip tribute come Avery and Uncle Phil, featuringlighthearted scenes and some that the character"s most memorable native of wisdom, including a line he says in one episode, "Death is a natural component of life," the hit in different ways as lock watched.

After the video clip faded come black, Smith and his co-stars were consumed with bittersweet emotion as they sat in silence as they wiped away tears. "James, I miss out on you," among them is heard remarking.

"I think what wake up on family members shows prefer this, it"s one of those points you can not buy or fake chemistry. It"s just the means that we all came with each other was very special," smith said.

The fresh Prince the Bel-Air first debuted in1990 and ran for 6 seasons, before airing its series finale in may 1996. A drama reboot, titled Bel-Air, is in the works through a two-season order at Peacock.

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The fresh Prince that Bel-Airreunion special, which additionally saw Smith and also "the initial Aunt Viv" Janet hobtration reconcilingafter 27 years, is streaming currently on HBO Max, as well as the original series.For more on the groundbreaking sitcom, clock ET"s video below.

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