Carrie Ann Inaba ended up being a family members name more than a decade ago as a referee on "Dancing with the Stars" before becoming a cohost ~ above "The Talk." as a result, her love life has likewise received a the majority of press. With the years, she has actually been attached to "DWTS" pro Artem Chigvintsev; accountant Jesse Sloan (who proposed to she on "Live through Regis & Kelly" in 2013); and also "General Hospital" actor Robb Derringer, who likewise popped the concern to Inaba in 2016 (via us Weekly). While nobody of those relationships functioned out, it looked favor Inaba had actually finally uncovered true love in 2020 when she started dating Fabien Viteri.

"So, i met this man; he"s from mine neighborhood, and also we met, type of, walking ours dogs, and there"s more to the story ... He"s older 보다 I am, and also he"s a wonderful human being," she claimed on "The Talk." "And now, ns understand how a relationship deserve to work. He"s to be so supportive and a maturation adult "cause maybe periodically I"m not, so that"s working really well."

Although Inaba revealed in might 2021 the she was when again single, less than one month later she post photos on Instagram looking an extremely cozy with Viteri. So that is the guy that has convinced Inaba to give him another shot?

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Carrie Ann Inaba is taking another chance on love with Fabien Viteri. Regardless of his high-profile relationship, Viteri stays a personal life and not much is known about him. He has actually reportedly functioned as a automobile manufacturer because that companies consisting of Ducati north America and Tesla (via Stars Offline). He has actually a daughter, Sasha, who is a sophomore at Massachusetts Bay neighborhood College (via LinkedIn), as well as a husky called Aries. He and also Inaba commonly share picture of your dogs on society media, and also the couple seems come love the outdoors.

Inaba was ravaged when she and Viteri parted means in might 2021, writing on social media, "It was real. True love. And I"m for this reason sad it"s over. But I"m thankful it happened. So an extremely grateful" (via us Weekly) but less than one month later, she posted shots the the 2 looking happy and also in love.

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It"s no doubt Viteri has been a support mechanism for Inaba, that announced in august 2021 the she was leaving "The Talk" after 3 seasons. 

"I delighted in my time in ~ "The Talk" together co-host and moderator and I am grateful for the opportunity I had actually to flourish with the whole Talk family and also truly connect with viewers on such a an individual level," she stated in a declare (via Deadline). "I will miss "The Talk," yet I am excited because that the following chapter both for myself and also for the show.""