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After suffering severe facial injuries native falling in 2018, Carrie Underwood warned fans the she i will not ~ look “quite the same.” However, the singer look at absolutely flawless this days. Life & Style solely spoke through a plastic surgical treatment expert about how she could possibly attain such a beautiful an outcome after scarring.

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“There are countless ways to improve scars to assist smooth the contour, blend the color and reduce shadowing,” brand-new York-based plastic operated doctor Dr. David Shafer, who has not cure Carrie, 36, explained. “At mine office, we treat scars with laser, microneedling, object treatments, injecting medications and also using dermal filler come smooth the contour.”

It’s no secret that the “Southbound” artist is normally stunning, but some have theorized that she had actually a couple of more procedures done after her horrific accident. “Carrie entered hiding after her fall, therefore we recognize she’s incredibly self-conscious about her looks. The wouldn’t surprise me if she had actually work done,” one insider specifically revealed. “She’s gorgeous as is and also didn’t require it, yet if it renders her feel better, it is all the matters.”

“Her face looked different,” a second source divulged exclusively. “It to be so smooth, like it was marble, and she appears to have actually fillers in her cheeks, especially between the cheek area and under her eyes.”

Dr. Shafer listed that the songstress might have obtained some renovations done to attain her glow appearance. “She has actually nice cheek meaning and fullness, i m sorry may suggest dermal filler such as Voluma, which is an excellent for immediate cheek augmentation. She additionally has nice, smooth skin, i beg your pardon is often enhanced by Botox,” the experienced added.

Fans to be shocked as soon as it was revealed that the blonde beauty had taken a “hard fall” down the stairs outside her Nashville residence in November 2018. The accident left her v a damaged wrist, and her face injury led to 40 come 50 stitches.

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“Even despite I’ve had actually the best people help me, i’m still healing and not looking quite the same,” the seven-time Grammy winner composed on Instagram. “When ns am ready to acquire in former of a camera, I desire you every to understand why I could look a bit different.”

After the incident, she tweeted to let fans know she was OK and also had Mike Fisher, who she dubbed the “best hubby in the world,” by she side.