It's always jarring whenever one of your favorite characters is lacking from a present you regularly watch, especially one that airs daily, favor The today Show.

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Many fans to be bummed to check out that Carson Daly wasn't current for a current episode that the famous program. What taken place to the host? Is he gone from the show for good?

It's not unusual for longtime hosts to need to take a day off or two from a recurring day-to-day program. Back in 2017, Carson had actually to step away indigenous filming for an individual reasons. As soon as a fan reached out ~ above Twitter asking where he was, Carson responded in a brief but emotionally packed message: "Short story, to be a turbulent month because that my fam. Mother passing. Dad’s wellness in peril. Simply finished shooting next season the Voice. Back Thursday."


More recently, however, Carson hasn't specifically divulged the thinking behind his absence but remainder assured, it shows up he is still very much a part of The today Show. No updates have actually been made come his society media pages nor has Today gotten rid of him from your website. It's probably just a situation of either a scheduling conflict or, similar to anyone at their job, he needed to take it a work off.

Carson Daly has hosted and left various other high-profile shows for years before landing 'The now Show.'

One of Carson's earliest and biggest functions that made the a household name was MTV's Total inquiry Live. The daily program was a huge phenomenon and featured its same share that controversial, bizarre, and incredible moments. Prefer the time No Doubt perform a covering of "It's the end of the world (As We recognize It)" and also absolutely rocked the joint.

Then there were some an ext unsavory moments that Carson controlled to manage with aplomb, like once Liam Gallagher proved up to the studios like a total rockstar, not looking Carson in the eyes and being incredibly aloof, flippant, and defiant. Then there was that bizarre surprise appearance whereby Mariah Carey crashed the collection (unbeknownst come Carson), took turn off an overlapping "Loverboy" t-shirt (promoting her brand-new single), and also proceeded to contact TRL her "therapy."


Carson was also the hold of Last Call because that a lining 17 years. The show had a traditionally scaled back production when contrasted to other late, late-night shows, however. Carson and the manufacturing crew recorded for 24 weeks as opposed to virtually entirely year-round, but that opened up him increase to various other hosting gigs.

The Santa Monica, Calif. Native additionally appeared ~ above a staggering 392 episodes of The Voice (which he likewise executively produced) and also is a longtime fixture the the music to sing competition series. Much of his time this days seems to be took in with Today. He's appeared in 1,564 airings that Today (as that this writing).

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It doesn't look prefer Carson's going to stop his hosting duties in high-profile talk mirrors anytime soon, and also he's do a good career out of it for this reason far. His network worth stands in ~ a reported $40 million. Not also shabby for a boy with desires of coming to be a pro-golfer who transitioned right into radio.

Carson Daly stays Pretty Close come the 'Today' Studio — Details on His Home