Anyone who been following the royal household for any type of length oftime knows that points weren’t handled well after Princess Diana’s suddenand catastrophic death. Household members have been criticized for years not onlyfor their treatment of the Princess the Wales when she was alive, but likewise forthe immediate after-effects of she passing and also her funeral.

One the thebiggest failure the royal family made was forcing Diana’s young sonsPrince William and also Prince take care of to show their grieving faces to millions duringPrincess Diana’s funeral procession. Both William and Harry have talked outagainst the practice, declare the crueltreatment that young youngsters would never occur in today’s day and also age.

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Princess Diana funeral | PA photos via Getty Images

They quiet haven’t cried lot over your mother’s death

The great Prince William and also Prince bother learned in childhood have apparently stuck to them v the years since both admitted that the grief process has to be slow and also painful. Prince Harry, who experienced the loss of his mother so acutely, said he hardly ever cries thinking around it.

“The very first time i criedwas at the funeral ~ above the island,” he claimed in one interview. “And just sincethen probably once.”

He continued, saying, “Ithink it to be a classic instance of nothing let yourself think around your mum and also thegrief and also the hurt that comes v it, due to the fact that it’s never going to lug herback and it’s just going to make you an ext sad. People deal with grief indifferent ways and my way of managing it was by simply basically shutting itout, locking that out.”

With all this in mind, it provides perfect sense that both royals room so will on remove the stigma from mental health. Decades later the brothers have actually finally begun to pertained to terms through the an overwhelming days adhering to their mother’s death.

Both Prince William and also Prince bother honor your mother yearly on the anniversary of the catastrophic event.