President trumped plans to appoint turning Points USA Founder Charlie Kirk, a conservative youth activist recognized for his repudiation of free college education and take on of pro-Trump conspiracy theories, come a Commission intended to promote “patriotic education,” the latest in a series of last-minute resume-boosting federal government appointments because that Trump loyalists.

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WASHINGTON, DC - march 22: chairman Donald J. Trump shakes hands with Charlie Kirk, Founder and also ... <+> executive Director of transforming Point USA, during a panel discussion at the Generation next Summit in the southern Court Auditorium that the Eisenhower executive, management Office structure on the White House complicated on Thursday, march 22, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo through Jabin Botsford/The Washington article via Getty Images)

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Kirk is amongst 18 freshly announced members that the commission – introduced by trump in September together a counterweight to perceived liberal social bias in education –including Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant.

Trump claimed the commission would certainly promote “patriotic education” and also a “pro-American curriculum the celebrates the truth around our nation"s great history,” rather than what he referred to as “left-wing indoctrination” in schools.

Kirk, a hardcore conservative, has echoed Trump’s culturally conservative stances top top race and education, such as referring to colleges together “islands the totalitarianism” and dismissing race-based college admissions and also Black Lives matter because, “The concept of gyeongju is entirely made up.”

Both share a hatred of the 1619 project –a New York times essay collection aimed at reexamining America’s racial heritage – through Kirk touting Sen. Tom Cotton’s (R-Ark.) invoice to stop it from being taught in schools and Trump calling it “toxic propaganda.”

Kirk has additionally espoused few of Trump’s more pernicious and also conspiratorial views, such as baselessly casting the 2020 election together rigged through election fraud and also claiming “the science approximately masks is very questionable, an extremely questionable.”

Trump has actually granted similar roles to scores that loyalists in recent months, including Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao; former senior counselor Kellyanne Conway; Andrew Giuliani; son of lawyer Rudy Giuliani; and Pamella DeVos, sister-in-law of education and learning Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Chief Critic

“Nobody go these things with an ext politicization than Trump,” brand-new York university professor Paul irradiate told the linked Press that Trump’s current board appointments, adding that the picks are “unseemly” in comparison come those of past presidents and are “all favors repaid and favors earned.” Light said that members of this boards frequently forego compensation past travel reimbursements, however that castle do administer “gorgeous resume value.”

Key Background

Kirk began his activism in high school, creating a piece for right-wing outlet Breitbart arguing that for free textbooks changed classrooms right into “political lecture halls v teachers gift pawns to more the doctrine of liberalism.” In 2012 the founded transforming Points USA, a youth movement that advocates conservative belief in schools.

Surprising Fact

Kirk never graduated from college, despite he apparently took great at miscellaneous universities in 2015 prior to dropping the end to go after college activism complete time.


Some Trump campaign officials anonymously criticize Kirk’s organizing efforts on behalf of Trump’s reelection, arguing his canvassing was overly focused on university students and his article was “too sycophantic to lug in young voters who could align an ext closely v conservatism yet remain apprehensive about Trump himself,” follow to Politico. Kirk allies stated they were being provided as a “scapegoat” because that Trump’s loss.

What To clock For

Trump has actually not shied far from controversial appointments, and Kirk most likely will not be his last. The has given board appointments to attorney man Yoo, that authored the infamous “torture memos” and has promoted near-total executive strength for Trump, and also former aides Sebastian Gorka and Darren Beattie, who room both alleged to have actually ties to white supremacists. Among his many explosive moves to be placing former project aides David Bossie and also Corey Lewandowski – both of who lack comprehensive business or defense endure –on a Pentagon service advisory board amid a “purge” of national security officials.

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