A report in the "Financial Times" argued China had launched a short orbit "missile" that can penetrate current defense systems. The asian superpower claimed it to be for "peaceful" usage.

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China has ongoing to start missiles to an are from its base in the Gobi Desert

China stated Monday it had actually tested "a brand-new spacecraft, no a missile" in august that could reach five times the speed of sound, contradicting a recent report in the Financial times newspaper.

Chinese international Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian claimed the brand-new technology would be supplied for "the benefit of mankind" in answer to reporters" questions.

The us raised issue over China"s growing technological progress and also its i can not qualify to defend versus the hypersonic threat.

What walk China say?

Lijian stated the launch of the hypersonic spacecraft to be a "routine test" reusing old technology to alleviate costs.

He claimed the test to be of "great definition for to reduce the use-cost the spacecraft and could provide a convenient and also affordable method to do a round expedition for mankind"s relaxed use that space."

The launch was performed by the military that runs China"s an are program.

"China will work in addition to other nations in the human being for the peaceful use of room and the benefit of mankind," Zhao added.

The stays of the launch dropped into the eastern China Sea.

Zhao"s comment come ~ China fired three astronauts right into orbit because that a six-month mission aboard its space station on Saturday.


The 3 Chinese astronauts that left for room on a six-month mission

How has the united state reacted?

"We have concerns about what China is act on hypersonic," USdisarmament ambassador Robert timber told reporters in Geneva.

"We simply don"t know exactly how we can defend against that form of technology, neither does China or Russia," that said

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said earlier Washington was closely watching new Chinese tools systems, yet did not discuss the hypersonic launch.


Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated the US has actually a nearby eye ~ above Chinese weapon development

But united state Congressman Mike Gallagher, a Republican, had an extremely real involves over the launch.

"This test should serve together a speak to to action. If us stick come our present complacent course, or location our really hopes in bankrupt buzzwords favor "integrated deterrence," we will lose the brand-new Cold War v Communist China in ~ the decade," claimed Gallagher.

What go the FT report suggest?

The Financial Times claimed Saturdaythat the hypersonic "missile" had gone roughly the human being in low orbit before missing its to plan target.

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Citing number of sources, the report said the West to be underestimating Chinese technology, which now had the possibility of launching a "harder come track" nuclear attack on the us that can evade missile defense systems.