Chip and also Joanna Gaines room the previous stars that HGTV’s hit display Fixer Upper. The series, i m sorry ran from may 2013 come April 2018, concentrated on the couple’s home renovation and redecoration organization in Waco, Texas. Chip and Joanna left the present to occupational on a new project through Discovery.

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The development of the couple’s cable network has experienced challenges due come the coronavirus pandemic, but it is set to role out in 2020. Chip and Joanna will certainly star on the network’s signature show.

The couple’s relationship has come under spicy focus due to the fact that they ended up being celebrities. We deserve to confirm the Chip and also Joanna are still married.

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Chip and Joanna recently commemorated their 17th marriage anniversary and also stated the they have actually avoided divorce by facing obstacles together


Chip and also Joanna first met ~ he took his car to her father’s workshop to gain the brakes done. The couple talked because that a while, and the next day, Chip referred to as Joanna and asked her the end on a date. Unfortunately, Chip come to choose up Joanna one and also a fifty percent hours ~ the i agreeed time.

Joanna revealed in the couple’s memoir, The Magnolia Story the she was fairly angry, however Chip managed to charm her into going because that the date. She wrote:

“Finally, in ~ seven-thirty, a full ninety minute late, he knocked at the door. ‘Don’t even answer it,’ i whispered to my friends. ‘I don’t desire to go anywhere with this idiot.’ … He no apologize for being late, either. He had actually so much confidence. Ns don’t know. I can’t explain it. Only Chip can be an hour and a fifty percent late and also have nobody mad about it.”

The pair ate fried chicken on what to be a successful date. However, Chip waited because that over a month before calling Joanna so that he can win a bet. “I really wanted that fifty dollars from John!” Chip composed in The Magnolia Story. “That’s the only reason i didn’t call.”