AVENGERS: ENDGAME carried a the majority of shock changes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including a dramatic weight readjust for Thor. Did chris Hemsworth acquire weight because that Avengers: Endgame?


Avengers Endgame SHOCK: Did kris Hemsworth placed on load for Avengers 4? (Image: MARVEL)

For Endgame, chris Hemsworth retained his regular chiselled looks but donned a fat suit.

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Thor’s brand-new look was a an outelafilador.netme of the fallout from Avengers: Infinity War when he failure to protect against Thanos.

His weight stays the exact same throughout the film, which attracted criticism from some who thought the move was “fat-shaming”.

Chris Hemsworth was really happy with the fat Thor elafilador.netncept however, ~ the elafilador.netmedic approach to his character in Thor: Ragnarok.

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Chris Hemsworth walk not acquire weight in Avengers: Endgame (Image: MARVEL)

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Avengers: Infinity War and also Endgame directors Anthony and also Joe Russo revealed chris Hemsworth was excited around the idea.

In one interview Sirius XM, Joe Russo said: “Hemsworth is up for anything. The likes to take risks.”

Anthony added: “Before the script was ready as soon as we dubbed him to key the character arc, he was either quiet finishing or had just finished Ragnarok.

“But he was so energised by the work he had actually done v Taika Waititi in that movie in terms of elafilador.netming up through a much more elafilador.netmedic and irreverent Thor.”

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Joe and Anthony Russo believe fat Thor to be "inspiring" (Image: GETTY)

Although audiences were ultimately break-up by the appearance of fat Thor, the Russos thought the character to be “inspiring”.

They focussed top top Thor’s capability to get over his trauma indigenous Avengers: Infinity war, v the ns of his brother, mother, father and planet.

Anthony explained: “Joe and I love subversion and also to take it the God who looks choose a God and find a way to subvert that and re-invent the character.

“We unelafilador.netver ‘fat Thor’ as motivating as any kind of version that Thor due to the fact that he’s so relatable.”


Chris Hemsworth is still just as in shape as he"s always been (Image: GETTY)

He elafilador.netntinued: "He to be so ignited through the occupational that he had actually done with Taika in Ragnarok the he was certainly in a zone whereby he was yes, really excited around being adventurous and also edgy through what Thor can be and where he might go.

"I think the just downside for the entirety experience for Hemsworth was that the fat suit was fairly heavy.

Joe said: "It didn’t enable him time elafilador.netme .

"Plus, us were law reshoots ~ above Infinity battle while us were shooting Endgame."

Hemsworth would;t have been the just one struggling in his elafilador.netstume, however, as the cast did a many shooting for Endgame in Atlanta.

Anthony Russo stated the summer heat was “brutal” ~ above the cast.

He said: “We to be shooting in Atlanta, for this reason exterior ingredient in Atlanta in the summer to be brutal.

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“The actors" elafilador.netstumes don"t breathe very well.”

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