Chris Pratt has been at the centre of a Twitter debate which claims that that is a Donald trumped supporter. However is the Avengers actor yes, really a ‘MAGA’ fan?

Election year in the us is always a chaotic time as politicians perform all they have the right to to victory those few extra votes when celebrities and commentators from all sides shot and guide the undecided come vote.

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In current years, society media web page such together Twitter have come to be increasingly main to national politics with more of the politics debate following online.

However, social media is famously volatile as piece of information, whether they’re true or not, have the potential to end up being viral.

That is what has actually happened v the actor kris Pratt as a recent Twitter trend insurance claims that the Marvel and Parks and Rec actor is a support of Donald Trump.

But just what space Chris Pratt’s politics beliefs and also is he yes, really a ‘MAGA’ trump supporter together Twitter claims?


Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty pictures for Disney

Twitter insurance claims Chris Pratt is a trump supporter

Over the night of October 18-19th, Avengers director Joe and Anthony Russo announced that they would be hold a fundraiser ~ above October 20th with number of Avengers stars in support of Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, Twitter erupted through comments claiming that Guardians of the Galaxy actor chris Pratt is a support of Donald Trump after he to be not amongst members that the fundraising panel.

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However, the bulk of comments came from civilization who are simply sharing your reactions come the case that Pratt is a Trump support without lot in the method of proof to back up their claims as the Twitter exchange below goes come show.

Anyone have the receipts? simply did a an easy search top top Twitter and also it’s all “Chris Pratt is maga ew” yet nothing to show for it.

— Austin