Famed design Christie Brinkley is getting candid around how she’s seemingly continued to be ageless every these years! In a brand-new interview, the 63-year-old handle those plastic surgery rumors by admitting she’s acquired anti-aging steps done: Xeomin, i beg your pardon helps v frown lines, and also Ultherapy, which lifts the skin top top the neck and décolletage.

“I wonder if people would think i’m phony and fake,” the blonde beauty said People. “But it’s much better to it is in honest and say, ‘Yeah, this is what ns do."” and even despite she never wants to “look different,” Christie admits she does desire to feel great at she age.

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“I’m nearly 64. At a details point, you can need a small something extra. As soon as I look at in the mirror, I want to feel prefer I look at as an excellent as ns feel,” she confessed. “And if you deserve to have something done to feel an ext confident and much better about yourself, then you feel choose your confront matches your spirit — and my spirit is enthusiastic and also energetic.”

Christie likewise admitted to acquiring fillers in a ahead interview. “I flourished up in Malibu climate my real task of modeling took me come beaches everywhere the world and under the sun. Ns really am conscious of all the sunlight exposure I’ve had in mine life and also I’m interested in things that they have the right to do come ,” she stated at the time, adding she’ll get Clear and also Brilliant laser treatments and also “occasionally I’ll carry out a little bit the filler.”

“As a model, if ns don’t look good, I’m not gonna be able to be — i don’t wanna to speak inspiration reason that sound so complete of myself,” Christie continued. “But ns think that models normally speaking are either aspirational or inspirational. The just thing i don’t like around modeling is i don’t want women to feel favor they need to look prefer the airbrushed version and also feel favor they can’t obtain the perfection there. I’m constantly trying come unmask that and also say girlfriend guys, hair and also makeup, good lighting.”

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Christie was hesitant around opening up around her steps until she daughters, Alexa ray Joel, 31, and Sailor Brinkley-Cook convinced her to. “They said, ‘If friend think it will certainly be beneficial to others, go for it,"” she shared. “There are constantly going to it is in the people who develop themselves up by pulling you down. But then there room the females who are supporting women. And if over there are little things the I can do that are going to make me feel great, do me look good for my job and that would be selfish the me not to re-publishing it.” friend go, Christie!