To say that having your own series on HGTV — favor Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa execute — is life-changing would be a huge understatement. After ~ all, think of every the fame and fortune that"s pertained to Chip and Joanna Gaines the "Fixer Upper," or Jonathan and also Drew Scott from "Property Brothers." However, while having actually a show on HGTV have the right to truly make her career, the can additionally thrust you so far into the spotlight you obtain a little lost. Such was seemingly the instance with Haack, who previously went by the name Christina Anstead, and also El Moussa, the once happily-married pair who landed a show on HGTV, just to have their an individual lives loss apart year later.

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Haack and El Moussa began on your HGTV collection "Flip or Flop" while still happily married, however it didn"t take lengthy for their marital relationship to falter and also end in divorce. Yet what precisely caused the rift? Well, we finally know why Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa gained divorced, and it"s a many more complex than you might have thought.

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Right when Christina Haack and also Tarek El Moussa to be at the elevation of their HGTV fame in 2013, things took a revolve for the worse. A viewer who was the town hall "Flip or Flop" taken place to be a nurse and also discovered a bump on El Moussa"s neck. Unfortunately, El Moussa was diagnosed through thyroid cancer in 2013 (via People). And if cancer is never ever easy because that anyone, with just how busy El Moussa and Haack were with their show, it only put much more stress top top them as a couple.

While fans saw El Moussa"s thyroid cancer struggle play out on "Flip or Flop," they didn"t view what he kept secret until 2017, when he revealed he"d been diagnosed v testicular cancer shortly thereafter. Obviously, this just made things more stressful because that El Moussa and Haack. "I wasn"t healthy and balanced for years," El Moussa told country Living. "I had actually my cancer, and also I to be filming. Then my 2nd cancer and I was filming. And also then ns hurt my ago and ns was filming, and also then I had actually surgery and I to be filming." Cancer didn"t destroy their marriage, but it couldn"t have been basic to attend to as a couple.

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For Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack, their liven schedule and every one of El Moussa"s health pertains to certainly lugged them lot of of stress. At first, they tried to job-related through all their difficulties by attending treatment together. 

For any type of couple, however, detect time to it is in together have the right to be hard, particularly when you add in kids, health and wellness issues, and a high-pressure job. Therefore it to be for Haack and El Moussa, i beg your pardon is partially what led to their divorce.

In one interview through People, El Moussa defined that he and Haack simply didn"t make time because that each other. "We to be so busy, we never slowed under to be existing with each other and also talk around things that were bothering us," the revealed. So, they went to therapy. And also while it"s unclear what specifically Haack and El Moussa discussed in therapy, it"s evident that the two needed to talk about their marriage. However, ~ hashing points out there, the pair realized they necessary to separate.

As if cancer and also cancer therapies weren"t enough of a stressor ~ above Christina Haack and also Tarek El Moussa"s marriage, over there was even more going on through El Moussa"s health at the time. Together he explained on the "Dr. Attracted Podcast," he suffered from part hormonal imbalances, which do his relationship with his then-wife even an ext complicated.

Specifically, El Moussa defined that his hormones to be off, despite it wasn"t from the cancer. "I thought it was from mine testicular cancer therefore I saw this Botox doctor and also hormone clinic the my ex claimed to go check out. Next thing I know I"m...taking steroids, it was testosterone," that said, via People. "I to be on means too much testosterone, on height of the taking human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections every day since I was told to." that sounds favor a lot.

Obviously dealing with hormonal worries can it is in difficult, as they can impact so much else in her life. And for El Moussa and Haack, it most likely didn"t assist the state of their marriage.

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While Christina Haack and also Tarek El Moussa were liven filming illustration after illustration of "Flip or Flop," and El Moussa was handling cancer treatments, they additionally had something else to consider: an ext children. While the couple already had a daughter, Taylor, they had actually to decision if they wanted an ext kids, and also quickly.

Specifically, since of El Moussa"s condition, they had actually to make some rapid decisions. "They claimed that if friend go with radiation, i m sorry Tarek had actually too, climate you need to not acquire pregnant from that sperm from six months come a year. So, best away, we did sperm banking and also IVF," Haack called People. 

Unfortunately, the couple had 2 failed IVF attempts, through one that ended in a disastrous miscarriage at eight weeks. Then, when Haack got pregnant again, she had actually to go on strictly bed rest. Obviously, all the anxiety of a miscarriage and also IVF deserve to be a many on any couple, however with El Moussa"s other health problems looming overhead, it only made things even tenser between the two.

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Every marriage has actually its ups and also downs, but for Christina Haack and also Tarek El Moussa, the downs seemingly never ever stopped. Between health concerns, job-related stress, and raising your children, the couple really never had time to just be together, and apparently, when they to be together, castle were mostly fighting.

In an interview with an excellent Housekeeping quickly after your divorce, Haack revealed the she and El Moussa were basically constantly arguing. "We to be bickering around things , and also we went home together," she shared. So obviously, several of the stress and anxiety from work would more than likely come residence with them, i beg your pardon isn"t good for anyone. However, after lock separated, Haack and also El Moussa realized the they were far better coworkers 보다 spouses. "We met in ~ work, and also we in reality probably get along finest at work," she continued. 

Arguing, and also even fighting, is entirely normal in a marriage, but for Haack and El Moussa it to be too normal, and also the pair would have actually rather functioned together 보다 lived together, it seems.

To know anything about Christina Haack and also Tarek El Moussa"s marital relationship is to know that they weren"t always as fortunate as they showed up to be on "Flip or Flop." Yes, castle were as soon as pretty broke, so as soon as Haack and El Moussa did have actually the chance to purchase fine points together, castle did. However, the didn"t stop whatever else — including working together, living together, and also parenting with each other — from having actually an affect their marriage. As it turns out, their sharing certain everything might not have been for the best.

In one interview through People, Haack explained that she and also El Moussa can have been a small too close prior to they separated. "Tarek and I to be so tied together on everything: actual estate, the show, our children, our house," she revealed. "It was so stressful, and everyone to be worried the it to be going to explode." and whether or not you believed it "exploded," it"s clear that El Moussa and also Haack mutual quite a many together, and that couldn"t have been simple while they were working things out. 

Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa obviously understand what it"s choose to live your life in the general public eye, but every one of the opinions viewers that "Flip or Flop" had actually can obviously get to them. And also they definitely did, particularly for Haack, who obtained seriously uncomfortable at exactly how the public contrasted her come El Moussa.

Shortly after Haack and El Moussa"s divorce was made public, an anonymous source revealed to world that the pair didn"t belong with each other in a somewhat cruel manner. "In a lot of of methods they simply seemed madness incompatible," the insider said. "She has actually champagne tastes, and also he"s a beer-from-a-can kind of guy." 

And through that comparison, Haack gained frustrated. "We absolutely have the exact same taste as much as wanting quite things because we job-related hard, so if you"re going to say it, at the very least say "both the them." Don"t just label me," she declared in one interview with Good Housekeeping. Haack was understandably annoyed the the public viewed her as much more materialistic 보다 El Moussa, and also that wasn"t same to her.

Though Christina Haack and also Tarek El Moussa certainly made a lot of money flipping homes on television for HGTV"s "Flip or Flop," that didn"t mean whatever was every peachy v their budget. Since despite all the finer points the 2 owned, lock actually had some problems managing their money, that seems.

During an figure on "The Dr. Attracted Podcast," El Moussa described that component of the reason behind his divorce from Haack was that they had actually some struggles human being didn"t understand about, consisting of struggles through money. "There"s so much going on with TV, and the notoriety, and also the finances, and also so plenty of different points happening at one time, and also it progressively pulled united state apart," El Moussa claimed on the podcast, follow to residence Beautiful. 

While Haack and El Moussa truly showed up to have actually it all, they struggled with money much more than anyone thought, and as any couple knows, fights entailing money have the right to sometimes it is in the worst fights that all.

When you get married, friend aren"t just marrying one person, you"re likewise marrying their entire family, for better or because that worse. And also as it turns out, Christina Haack"s parents might have played part small function in she divorce indigenous Tarek El Moussa. Well, in a way that is. 

As Haack defined in one interview with great Housekeeping, it was really tough for she to come clean to her parents around her troubles with El Moussa, in part because her parents want them to remain together. "Tarek was talk to them an ext than ns was at first, and that made it a little difficult because lock were simply hearing his side," she explained. "They were hoping us would have the ability to reconcile, especially for the kids, and also because Tarek and I had constructed such a life together." 

However, Haack included that she had to involved terms with the fact that her parents, and anyone else, didn"t have actually a speak in her connection with El Moussa. Still, the press from she parents couldn"t have made things easy.

Obviously, things between Christina Haack and also Tarek El Moussa got an extremely stressful in the direction of the finish of their marriage. V all the the pair had been through, points were bound come explode at some point, though that explosion wasn"t fairly as dramatic together the public previously assumed. Specifically, over there was supposed incident in 2017 throughout which the police were referred to as to the couple"s home; El Moussa to be reportedly uncovered with a gun and also thought to it is in suicidal, according to The Orange ar Register.

However, El Moussa quickly cleared the air during an figure on "Today," when he explained that the gun had actually nothing to perform with something violent. "There"s hill lions and bobcats and rattlesnakes and, like, large wildlife back there," El Moussa stated. "I went out for a hike come scout some trails. The wasn"t also a large deal. I didn"t understand. It acquired really blown the end of proportion." despite Haack and El Moussa had much more than their fair re-publishing of issues, violence wasn"t among them.

If friend or anyone you understand is having suicidal thoughts, please call the nationwide Suicide avoidance Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.

For a couple who spent so long living their life on television and social media, Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa definitely found a way to keep their separation private. Yes, also some of the civilization closest come them to be surprised to learn that the two were no much longer together, despite that can have been because that the best.

In one interview with good Housekeeping, Haack defined that she"d wanted to save her problems on the down low because that a long while. "I wasn"t an extremely vocal v them around some the the issues that Tarek and I were having, so all of the suddenly it"s prefer bam – I"ve moved out, I"m life at my nanny"s house," she revealed. "It came as a shock come 99.9 percent the people, including my parents." 

For every little thing reason, Haack and El Moussa determined to save their separation a secret at first, and they go what they had to do.

Though a lot deserve to be stated of every the concerns Christina Haack and also Tarek El Moussa had actually to face towards the finish of their marriage, there were a few other things that resulted in their divorce. Together it turns out, they to be drifting apart from each other long prior to their split, and without solid communication, any type of relationship is kind of doomed.

In an interview with People, Haack claimed that things in between her and El Moussa had just acquired to a suggest where they to be barely speaking. "I was overwhelmed," she explained. "The tension between me and Tarek to be high. Us weren"t able to properly connect anymore. It got to the allude where we weren"t also driving to collection together." 

Obviously it can"t be straightforward to work-related on a marital relationship when friend barely talk to each other, and that"s watch a trouble that Haack and El Moussa challenged during your relationship.

Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa made that clear that they struggled as their marital relationship dissolved. But to peak all that stress and anxiety off, the pair also had to address the public learning the inner workings of your relationship, and also with a ton the rumors that weren"t also remotely true. "Let"s just be honest, it to be awful," El Moussa stated on "The Dr. Attracted Podcast" (via nation Living). "I typical there was an ext PR about our divorce than any divorce ns think I"ve ever seen. I median it was wild, top top every single magazine, ~ above every news outlet, it was just past me." 

El Moussa wasn"t alone in that sentiment. "When our marriage fell apart the was more public 보다 we can have imagined," Haack explained. A ton of public can"t be good on a marriage, and it likely made things worse because that Haack and El Moussa.

After everything that culminated in between Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa, it"s not specifically shocking that the two ended up divorced. For and they can work together in a experienced setting, it"s clear the they had to carry out what was best for them, and that supposed divorcing. And also in the end, it to be El Moussa that filed because that divorce.

According to People, El Moussa"s lawyer revealed the he to be the one come file; People also reported the El Moussa to be seeking spousal assistance from Haack. Additionally, once the separation was announced, Haack and El Moussa released a share statement explaining that their youngsters were your priority. "During the process, we room committed come our kids and also being the best parents we can be," the explain read. "We will continue to job-related through this process civilly and also cooperatively, and also plan to proceed our professional life together."

Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa did gain divorced in a extremely publicized manner, yet they handled it all with grace. And an ext so, so did your daughter.

Haack and also El Moussa"s earliest child, daughter Taylor, was obviously impacted by her parents" divorce. But as it transforms out, she"s handled it much better than anyone could imagine. In an interview with an excellent Housekeeping, Haack described how she and also El Moussa had actually been acquisition Taylor to watch a therapist about the divorce and it was Taylor herself who said it to be no longer necessary. "One day, together I to be driving she to one appointment, she said, "I don"t must go to therapy anymore. I think you and Daddy are happier apart, and I don"t really have to talk about it anymore,"" Haack shared. "She"s very open and honest with her feelings, yet still i was like, "Wow, that"s a large comment because that a 6 year old."" It to be big, but additionally telling. If your daughter likes them much better apart, then they truly have to be happier the way.

Because Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa lived a very public life together, it"s only natural that human being would assume things about their marital relationship and, subsequently, your divorce. Additionally, the reality that Haack remarried so quickly after your divorce to be finalized caused countless to wonder if cheating to be a element in their breakup.

But as it turns out, it wasn"t in ~ all. In fact, together Distractify reported, the pair released a statement come the contrary. "Neither of us was involved in a romantic relationship with any 3rd party before our separation or to trust the other was," the statement read. Therefore in situation you to be wondering, neither Haack nor El Moussa cheated top top the other while they were married and it isn"t why they got divorced. Really, the factors for their divorce were more than likely a lot much more mundane 보다 that, as with with countless couples who decide to divorce. 

Christina Haack was able to find love again after her divorce native Tarek El Moussa. However, she and her second husband ultimately divorced after much less than 2 years of marriage. After her divorce from Ant Anstead to be announced, Haack required to social media to describe where she head to be at the time. "I live in a state that anxiousness and also I"m so supplied to it that when it"s not there I tend to feeling a void and hop into something that reasons the emotion I"m offered to," she defined on Instagram, adding that it has its ups and also downs. "Sometimes anxiety and pursuit of brand-new dreams leads me down remarkable paths, various other times it leaves me emotion lost and also in a state of hit or trip / or crying in mine closet," she continued.

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Clearly, Haack felt that she to be being led down a various path as soon as she divorce her second husband, and also it"s possible that she feel the same means after dividing from El Moussa, making any potential unsettled feelings or yearnings to execute something new with her life possible factors in her first divorce.