chuck Norris nearly ran off and also joined the navy at age 17, but since his mommy wanted him to end up high school before enlisting, he had actually time to rethink his an option of branch and joined the Air pressure instead.

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This isn"t just around inter-service rivalry; if lining Norris decided the Navy, America -- and also maybe the civilization -- might never have known the man who puts the "laughter" in "manslaughter."

Born Carlos ray Norris on in march 10, 1940, the man who would certainly be chuck Norris was born and raised in Ryan, Oklahoma. His mother, Wilma, was just 18 years old and, unsurprisingly, spent 7 days in labor. As soon as he was born, his skin to be blue since his lung weren"t pumping.

Doctors rushed in to jump-start castle and, according to his autobiography "Against all Odds," he was "gulping air choose a pro."

It was the closestly the Grim Reaper ever before got to lining Norris. It additionally was the reason his mom was therefore adamant around Carlos graduating indigenous high school. She thought God had a plan for him -- she can have to be right.

Air Force simple training is wherein young Carlos officially came to be Chuck Norris, a new name offered to that by a other airman. He graduated from an easy training, married his high institution sweetheart and was sent out to Arizona for a year. Then, he was sent to Osan air Base, south Korea, a move he dubbed "a significant turning point."

It to be there the he pursued martial arts. He joined the basic judo team yet quickly discovered it wasn"t for him. Then one day, when walking v an alley, he uncovered a dojo practicing tang soo do, the oriental art of north hand fighting. Also with an hurt shoulder and also in a course full of black color belts, he took to the art.

Eight year later, he to be a civilization champion.

He studied flavor soo do and taekwondo, both korean martial arts, and also became the first Westerner to be awarded one eighth-degree black belt in taekwondo. He additionally later studied judo in ~ March Air force Base (now March air Reserve Base), California, prior to being discharged in 1962.

He briefly worked for Northrop Aviation, but moonlighted as a karate instructor and also soon was teaching full time and also running a variety of martial art schools. He held the civilization middleweight karate champion title for six years and was called Black Belt magazine"s "Fighter that the Year"" in 1969, eventually founding 32 martial art schools.

Chuck Norris Movies

It was celebrity college student Steve McQueen who motivated Chuck Norris to enter acting. After little roles, he recorded the public"s attention with his showstopping turn as Bruce Lee"s martial arts adversary in the 1972 film "Return of the Dragon."

By the late 1970s, he was popular enough to title his own movies and also starred in cult standards such together "Good guys Wear Black," "Delta Force" and "Missing in Action."

He later starred in the long-running TV series "Walker, Texas Ranger." The show"s enduring popularity and also Chuck Norris" deserved reputation as a real-world martial arts master led to the increase of "Chuck Norris Facts," an early internet meme the exaggerates his tough-guy image to hilarious effect.

Chuck Norris Facts

Here’s a smattering of several of the greatest “Chuck Norris Facts” produced by the internet:

When lining Norris to be born, the drove his mom residence from the hospital.Chuck Norris can hit girlfriend so hard, your blood will bleed.Jack was nimble, Jack was quick, but Jack couldn"t dodge chuck Norris" roundhouse kick.Chuck Norris have the right to unscramble one egg.Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked a salesman. Over the phone.Chuck can divide by zero.When chuck Norris theatre dodgeball, the balls dodge him.Chuck Norris deserve to speak braille.Chuck Norris can build a snowman out of rain.Chuck Norris makes onions cry.Chuck Norris"s blood form is AK-47.Chuck Norris tells Simon what come do.Chuck Norris once went come Mars. That"s why there room no indicators of life.


chuck Norris visits Marines in Camp Taqaddum, Iraq in 2006. (U.S. Marine Corps/Lance Cpl. Ben Eberle)

Is lining Norris Dead?

Norris is still an extremely much alive, probably because death resides in fear that he could seek revenge for that stunt that pulled as soon as Chuck Norris was born.

He regularly uses his success come give back to the community. He has actually been a spokesman on instead of of the Veterans administration (now Veterans Affairs) and also hospitalized veterans. In 1990, he produced the kick Drugs the end of America foundation and has been named "Veteran of the Year" through the American Veteran Awards.

Every once in a while, girlfriend can even see Norris top top USO tours, visiting deployed troops yet letting them success the war.

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