LONDON -- relocate aside Lady Mary, the leading lady ~ above everyone"s lips right now is Queen Elizabeth II.

The country watched her Majesty celebrate her 90th date of birth this year, however now the people is acquiring a glimpse into the early days the HRH"s reign with the relax of Netflix"s transfixing brand-new show The Crown.

The famously private royal family has constantly endeavoured, effectively or not, to keep its household squabbles and also intrigues out of the spotlight. Yet with a family too known as the royals and a windy thirsty for gossip, rumours abound about what yes, really went on behind close up door doors in ~ the palace.Right now, The Crown is offering us the through-the-keyhole see of the royals we"ve been yearning for. And naturally the inquiry on everyone"s lips is: Did all of that really happen?

Did King George IV really tell dirty limericks?

In the preimere illustration of The Crown we check out King George vi being dressed in his royal garb prior to his daughter"s wedding. Together his valet battles to change the king"s collar, His Majesty appears irked shortly prior to losing his temper entirely, shouting "Oh for Christ"s sake, James!"

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As if that wasn"t frighten enough, King George climate proceeds come recount a vulgar limerick. "There to be an old countess of Bray, and also you might think the odd when I to speak that in spite of her high station, rank and also education she constantly spelled cunt with a k."

And, there us all were naively thinking that the royals to be frightfully polite and not at every vulgar.

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According to royal historian Carolyn Harris, George VI occasionally used outlet language and did lose his temper."In private, George VI periodically swore and also could be short-tempered, characteristics that likewise appeared in the relenten of the king in the 2010 movie The King"s Speech," Harris said limerick told by George vi in illustration one is no necessarily one he might have told, however. Follow to The Guardian, this specific limerick was put forth in emails exchanged in between director Stephen Daldry and the production team.

Was Elizabeth and also Philip"s partnership really under strain?

According come Harris, The Crown accurately portrays the influence Elizabeth II"s accession has on the fight it out of Edinburgh"s family life and also career."He provided up a promise naval career to support the Queen in her function and the family moved into Buckingham Palace," says Harris.


May 15, 1954: Prince Charles and also Princess Anne with their parents, Queen Elizabeth II and also Duke of Edinburgh, ~ above the balcony that Buckingham Palace adhering to their return from the republic tour.Credit: PA, record via AP

The royal residence remained the house of Windsor, definition the youngsters of Queen Elizabeth and also the battle each other of Edinburgh every took their mother"s family name rather than Philip"s family members name, Mountbatten.

According to imperial biographer Gyles Brandreth, Prince Philip privately complained: "I to be nothing however a bloody amoeba. Ns am the only man in the country not allowed to offer his name to his own children."

Did an Australian movie crew yes, really witness them arguing?In episode eight that The Crown, us witness The Queen and the fight it out of Edinburgh embark ~ above a royal expedition. Tensions run high in between the royal couple during an eight-week royal tour the Australia.

One step depicts The Queen and also Prince Philip embroiled in a quite ferocious fracas in i beg your pardon she chases him out of the chalet whereby they"ve to be staying and hurls a tennis racquet in ~ him.

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Oh, and all this just so occurred to be captured by one Australian TV crew.

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According come the royal biography ours Queen, the event depicted in The Crown wasn"t much from reality.

The Queen and also Prince Philip to be spending the weekend in ~ the O"Shannassy reservoir in the Yarra varieties of Victoria. One exasperated film crew was waiting on the grounds.

"The second cameraman, candid Bagnall, instinctively turned on his camera once he saw the former door open and also so caught the memorable marital moment," follow to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The Queen reappeared quickly after come apologise for the "little interlude", explaining the "it happens in every marriage", and the movie crew destroyed the clip so as no to breach the strictly rules implemented by the royal push secretary.Was the good Smog the 1952 really the bad?

In episode four, an almighty fog descends on London. In the show, the fog is portrayed as an instant emergency and constitutional crisis.

People did dice as a result of the fog, yet the sense of urgency illustrated on screen doesn"t quite match up come reality."There was no feeling of drama or emergency," Dr. David V. Bates, who was functioning at a London hospital in ~ the time, called the brand-new York Times.

"It to be only as soon as the registrar general published the mortality numbers three weeks later on that anyone realised that there had, in fact, to be a major disaster," Bates continued.

Did Winston Churchill"s secretary die?

Episode four likewise features a dramatic death. Winston Churchill"s secretary Venetia Scott gets fatally fight by a bus after ~ stepping the end in the fog.


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Poor Venetia never existed in actual life. Indeed, both she life and death room a work-related of fiction, and her character is actually based upon a number of different members the the prime minister"s staff.

Did the Queen yes, really take advice indigenous King Edward VIII?

According to Harris, the collection accurately displayed "the strain of the position and dramatic adjust in King George VI"s life produced by the Abdication situation of 1936". King George by means of was thrust right into a duty he never ever wanted following his brother King Edward VIII"s decision come abdicate in order come marry the twice-divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson.

The Crown mirrors Queen Elizabeth transforming to she uncle for advice on aspects of her reign after George VI"s death.

"It"s unlikely that the Queen would have actually turned to the former King Edward VIII because that counsel top top her function as monarch," claims Harris.

Did Princess Margaret have actually a connection with Peter Townsend?

In a word, yes.

By 1953 team Captain Peter Townsend had actually divorced his first wife and proposed come Princess Margaret, who, in ~ 22, was 16 year his junior.

Margaret welcomed his proposal however required the permission of her sister because of the Royal marriages Act 1772.

This placed the Queen in something of a predicament. King Edward VIII"s desire come marry a divorcée to be opposed by the government. Together a british monarch, Edward was the in the name of head that the Church that England, which at the time did no permit divorced people to remarry in church if their ex-spouses to be still living.

After seeking advice, the Queen asked she sister to wait until she to be 25 as soon as she would no longer forced the monarch"s permission. Winston Churchill arranged because that Townsend to be post to Brussels. Eventually, Margaret chose not come marry Townsend and released a publicly statement stating she duty come the Commonwealth and also the Church"s teachings around marriage as factors for her decision.