The FBI found no evidence that either Hillary Clinton
Hillary Diane Rodham ClintonPoll: Democracy is under attack, and more violence might be the future Popping the gradual bubble GOP main in NH residence race draws nationwide spotlight an ext or her aides bespeak an that technician come delete an email archive the was under congressional subpoena, director James Comey testified Wednesday.

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"We did no have evidence to disbelieve and establish someone told the to do that. No email, no call call, nothing,” Comey told the residence Judiciary Committee throughout an oversight hearing that was mainly taken up with questioning about Clinton’s server.

The technician, Paul Combetta, has come to be a focus in the recent congressional investigation into the exclusive server Clinton provided while secretary of State. Earlier this month, Combetta invoked his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination before the home Oversight Committee.

According to the FBI’s report the its investigation, Combetta deleted an archive of emails native the server in march 2015, after ~ the House pick Committee on Benghazi issued a subpoena for documents relating to the 2012 strikes on the U.S. Station in Libya.

According come the FBI’s notes, longtime Clinton aide Cheryl Mills instructed Combetta’s company, Platte flow Networks, to delete a collection of archived emails in December 2014. The Denver-based company maintained Clinton’s server.

Mills called investigators Clinton had determined she no much longer needed access to emails an ext than 60 days old.

But Combetta apparently forgot the request and didn’t automatically comply. He told investigators the sometime between March 25 and also March 31, 2015, the “had one "oh s---" moment and also ... Turned off the Clinton save on computer mailbox native the server.”

Combetta offered a software well-known as BleachBit, which is design to avoid the restore of turned off files.

At the time, the Benghazi panel had already issued both a subpoena and an bespeak that documents relating to the strikes be preserved.

Clinton and Mills said the FBI the they had actually no expertise of the technician’s deletion of the emails. The technician, follow to the report, "was aware of the presence of the conservation request and also the truth that it supposed he must not annoy Clinton"s email data top top the server."

“His account is credible,” Comey said Wednesday. “He to be told to do it in 2014, screwed up and also didn’t execute it, panicked when he establish he hadn’t and then raced ago in and also did it after conference asked for the records and also the brand-new York time wrote around them."

The FBI director likewise defended the righteousness Department’s decision to provide Combetta immune in exchange for talking to investigators, i beg your pardon Comey stated he requested because Combetta had actually deleted the archive.

“We learned that no one had directed the to execute that,” Comey stated in solution to questioning from residence Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz

Jason ChaffetzCongress"s recent hacking examination should design its many recent Fox News Audio increases stable of podcasts by including five brand-new shows The legend of the conservative bestseller much more (R-Utah).

“The hope to be if he had been told to , that would certainly be a an excellent piece that evidence. If we give him immunity, perhaps he’ll tell us ‘so and also so said us,’ and also then we’re functioning up the chain,” Comey said.

Chaffetz has actually asked the Justice room to investigate even if it is Clinton or she aides were involved in the decision come delete the archive as soon as it to be under subpoena.

The committee is likewise probing a 2-year-old Reddit post believed to be created by Combetta in which that sought advice from other users on exactly how to transform the to and from present of emails belonging come a "VERY VIP."

The July 23, 2014, inquiry was do the day after the Benghazi Committee had reached an covenant with the State room on the manufacturing of associated records.

“How is this not a mindful effort to change federal records? I average the proximity come the date is just stunning,” Chaffetz claimed Wednesday.

Comey stated Wednesday the his team was mindful of the Reddit article but the investigators “concluded the he wanted placeholders not the actual deal with in the from line.”

According come the FBI’s report, a Platte river Networks employee said investigators the Mills requested on July 23 the he fiddle an save on computer of every one of the emails in Clinton’s mailbox that were sent to or got from a dot-gov email address.

Mills was told that as soon as an Outlook user transforms his or her email address, the regime updates the old email address with the new one, the technician said.

Mills reportedly expressed issue that Clinton’s “then-current email resolve would it is in disclosed publicly and also would be different from the one Clinton was utilizing at the moment the emails were actually sent,” follow to the FBI.

The Platte flow Networks employee questioned how come find and replace the new email resolve with the old in a conversation v the State department IT official who collection up Clinton’s server, yet “could not achieve the replacement.”

Republicans top top Wednesday hammered Comey ~ above Combetta’s role in damaging the emails, characterizing the Reddit post and also the eleventh-hour decision come delete the archive together obstruction that justice.

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"You shown that you had actually no factor to disbelieve Paul Combetta as soon as he said you that he erased a tough drive ~ above his own. However, in the exchange on Reddit, that said, "I have to strip out a VIP"s email" ... basically they don"t desire a VIP"s email attend to exposed come anyone. Those 2 statements space not consistent," said Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho). 

"How deserve to you say he was truthful when he told you nobody told him to act this means but you observed this Reddit account whereby they told him he essential to plot in this way?" 

"I think the investigative team"s evaluate is the those are about two various subjects," Comey said. "One to be a year before, in the summer of 2014 about how to create emails and also whether over there is a method to mask the actual email address.

"The other is around actually deleting the content of those emails sitting on the server."