The show’s most high-profile co-host, Mario Batali, was fired following sexual misconduct allegations in 2017

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The next season the The Chew will it is in its last. ABC shown today that it’s canceling the celebrity chef-hosted daytime speak show, Deadline reports.

The Emmy Award-winning program is presently organized by chefs Michael Symon, Carla Hall, fashion consultant Clinton Kelly, and, until recently, cook Mario Batali. Batali was suspended and ultimately fired indigenous the show in December amid extensive reports that the chef’s alleged sex-related misconduct that extended two decades. (In a segment that recognized Batali’s suspension, Symon, Hall, and also Kelly released a group statement saying “Our commitment come our viewers stays the very same — to supply the entertaining present that you’ve come to expect.”) Batali is right now the topic of a criminal investigation led by the new York Police Department into the misconduct allegations lodged by number of employees who worked at the Spotted Pig.

Just last week, co-host Carla room addressed the vacant co-host slot left through Batali, stating that The Chew had no plan to change him, and also that the remaining hosts had actually “become closer” due to the fact that the incident.

A representative because that ABC called the cancellation a “business decision.” current ratings imply that regardless of the chef’s firing, he ongoing to have actually a an unfavorable impact on The Chew’s viewership. During the many recent season, the number of women viewers eras 18-49 plummeted through 17 percent, making it the least-watched season because the speak show first aired in 2011, follow to Page Six.

Daphne Oz, one of the original co-hosts on the show and also daughter the dubious TV health personality Dr. Oz , departed critical August. Producers also elected not to refill she seat top top the show.

The Chew will continue to air new episodes from June with September. After that, Good Morning America will certainly be broadened to three hours to fill its existing time slot.

Update, 3:29 p.m., may 23: Carla room Tweets a statement, call the endure an “amazing ride”:

I am so thankful for every the good times and incredible friend I have actually made end the previous seven years on
thechew. It has truly to be an impressive ride.I to be looking front to new adventures! what’s next? remain tuned! Onward and also upward! #adventurefollows

— Carla room (

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carlahall) may 23, 2018

Update, 3:50 p.m. May 24: ~ above today’s episode of The Chew, hosts Carla Hall, Michael Symon, and Clinton Kelly handle the cancelation of the show in an emotionally seven-minute segment where they thanked your fans and each other, while additionally sharing anecdotes around how they reaction to the news last night. Clinton Kelly likewise explained their shooting schedule ~ the Memorial day break: “We room coming back to perform two main of fresh new shows and our last tape day is walk to be June 14th. For this reason our last present will it is in the 14th or the 15th, however then we’ll have summer shows that will be tape-recorded in advance.” this is the complete segment: