A post and also article through “Printly” titled “Clintons Admitted come Stealing Rugs, Silverware, Dishsets, Couches & arts From White House” right here was shared 3,000 times on on facebook as that January 29, 2020. Second photograph making the insurance claim that Hillary Clinton stole $200,000 worth of item was common 3,300 times in the three days prior to March 3, 2020 (here)

There is no evidence that Bill and Hillary Clinton stole or admitted to stealing these items. A 2001 brand-new York Times article (here) described the taking and also returning of some gifts, quoted a statement by a spokesman because that the Clintons saying ""Every item embraced by the Clintons was identified by the White residence gift office as a gift to them"", including that the bureaucratic staff in ~ the White House had actually ""reviewed each of the items against the official list that White residence property to ensure every gift was appropriately handled; no one of these items was on the list.‘’ Initially, the Clintons had asserted $190,000 in gifts (here).

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A 2002 conference report available here assessed this gifting. That concluded (page 161) the there were major problems with just how the White home values gifts, with presents being undervalued, misplaced, and lost. It uncovered the gift system at the time to it is in “clearly broken” and in require of fixing. The publicly obtainable report consists of a perform of what was given to them and was likewise mentioned in this 2001 Washington Post post (here) to express “two sofas, basic chair and ottoman precious $19,900” amongst their gifts. Taken before the congressional analysis, the reports that the Clintons “stole” indigenous the White house in 2001 space unfounded, together at the time reports show they take it the items together gifts.

The story resulted in criticism end the high worth of the gifts. (George H. W. Bush noted $52,853 in gifts in 1992). This prompted the Clintons to pay for $86,000 worth of these gifts, the complete for the gifts given come them in 2000, “to shot to remove any type of suggestion the impropriety” (here). This reimbursement was in response to criticism and there is no tip it to be an admission of stealing indigenous the White House.

A few days ~ this, 2 donors declared that $28,000 precious of gifts were intended for the White House’s collection, not for the Clintons themselves. The Clintons’ spokesperson’s statement plainly stated every item they took had actually been reviewed together a gift come them.

So while the Clintons did get a high worth haul of gifts during Bill’s presidency, at the moment these items were labelled and taken as gifts (here). When this amount can be argued to it is in inappropriate, it is not specific to describe it as stealing and their symbolic return the $86,000 precious of these presents cannot it is in implied to it is in an join of stealing.

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