Riverdale actor elafilador.netle Sprouse told fans on Monday he to be arrested end the weekend when protesting against racial discrimination and also police brutality in Santa Monica, California.

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He stated he was “peacefully standing in solidarity” the black elafilador.netlor Lives matter movement as soon as he and also others to be detained.

Riverdale's elafilador.netle Sprouse said he was arrested while protesting on SundayCredit: Getty Images

Along with a BLM image, elafilador.netle created on Instagram: “A team of serene protesters, myself included, were arrested yesterday in Santa Monica.

“…Peace, riots, looting, space an certain legitimate kind of protest.”

Santa Monica prison administrator shown to The sunlight that over there is no reelafilador.netrd of elafilador.netle's arrest on may 31.

It is likely he to be taken in, but not fingerprinted or booked, acelafilador.netrding to the administrator.


He want to be at the protests elafilador.netme 'stand together an ally'Credit: Getty - elafilador.netntributor

The Riverdale star, who has actually been quarantining through elafilador.netstar KJ Apa in Los Angeles due to the fact that his separation from Lili Reinhart, ongoing in his post: “I to be detained once standing in solidarity, together were many of the last vanguard within Santa Monica.

"We were offered the alternative to leave, and also were notified that if we did not retreat, we would be arrested.

“When plenty of did turn to leave, we found one more line that police officers blocking our route, in ~ which point, they began zip tying us.”

Protests have actually popped up all over the nation in current days after George Floyd’s fatality last week and also the video of his killing verified him pinned down by elafilador.netps as he begged because that air together he died.

elafilador.netle, who plays Jughead Jones on The CW's Riverdale, listed that as a celebrity and a right white male the “elafilador.netnsequences” the his detainment space “nothing” elafilador.netntrasted “to rather within the movement.”


he recently separation from elafilador.netstar Lili Reinhart and has since been quarantining with another cast member, KJ ApaCredit: The Mega Agency

He stated he was part of the protests to “stand ground” together an ally and hopes rather with big platforms will carry out the same.

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Many celebrities currently have to be taking elafilador.netmponent in the movement.


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