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The pair required to Instagram ~ above Friday to announce that they have broken up ~ a year and a half of dating. The former Bachelor -- that tested positive for COVID-19 and has since totally recovered -- began by saying that it"s to be a crazy couple of months.

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"Cass and I have been law a most self-reflecting. Sometimes civilization are simply meant to it is in friends - and that’s okay," the wrote. "We both have actually grown immensely and also been with so much together - so this isn’t the end of ours story, it’s the begin of a whole new chapter because that us."

Randolph also shared a slideshow filled through pics that the two, including that sharing their breakup news is "one of the hardest points I have had to share together neither one of us is fairly ready come talk about it yet.""However, because our relationship is together a publicly one, our quiet on the matter has actually been speaking for us. Colton and also I have damaged up, yet have made decision to remain a part of every others lives," she continued. "With all the we have gone through, we have a distinct bond the will constantly be there."

She included that she loves Underwood "very much" and also has one "enormous lot of respect for him." "We have both learned and also grown so lot these past couple years, and will always have every others back. Always," she concluded.

While recovering from his COVID-19 diagnosis, Underwood had actually been remaining at Randolph"s family"s residence in Huntington Beach, California. On lot of occasions, he praised she for taking care of him.

In Underwood"s book, The very first Time: finding Myself and Looking because that Love on truth TV, the revealed that he and Randolph briefly broke up after ~ his Bachelor season. Their split in august of last year only lasted a couple of days, yet as Underwood told ET, it was sufficient to teach him the there was "no certainty" in your relationship.

"There is no certainty best now. Ns mean, we"re not engaged, we"re no married. Ns love her to bits and also pieces and I think that for us, we simply need to keep communicating and also having those open up conversations v one another," he said. "I mean, we"re just taking it work by day appropriate now."

"It"s still a day-by-day point at this point," he recurring of his partnership with Randolph. "There is no certainty right currently in this world."

Underwood"s lax perspective was look at a direct response to the issues that brought about his breakup with Randolph critical year.

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"I placed a lot of pressure on our relationship as soon as I was always defending it or ns was overcompensating and also trying also hard. Ns was practically pushing she away by make the efforts to lug her closer," that explained. "I to be saying, "No, we"ll be fine. We"ll be involved by this date. We"ll carry out this, we"ll carry out this, we"ll perform this." and also it was kind of overwhelming her anywhere again. "

" like, "We need to talk about this. Friend can"t just, like, go the end in the media and also say this," or "You can"t simply tweet about this or Instagram choose this there is no communicating and talking through me,"" Underwood recalled. "We both just let a lot of things -- little things -- construct up, because we acquired busy."

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