It"s barely been a year because the BAU took under The Chameleon prior to sending Garcia off to start the following chapter of her career, yet according to Deadline, Paramount+ (currently known as CBS all Access) is in the early stages that reviving Criminal Minds for season 16. Technically, the resurgence would it is in a miniseries that can lead to an ext seasons under the road, yet at this beforehand stage nothing has been confirmed (including even if it is or no the reboot will actually happen).

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Given that it"s still early on days for the project, Criminal Minds fans shouldn"t gain too excited just yet, however it definitely makes feeling that Paramount+ would certainly be trying out ways to bring the long-running crime collection back. As Deadline noted, Criminal Minds is just one of the most popular licensed collection streaming top top Netflix, which points come it having a worldwide appeal. That renders it a an important asset for the new streaming service as Paramount+ looks for ways to mine its library because that hits.

It additionally helps that executive producer Erica Messer left the door vast open for more BAU adventures in the collection finale. ~ 15 seasons, Criminal Minds finished on a strangely happy note: Not only did no one of the main team members die, anyone aside indigenous Garcia was poised to continue to be with the BAU. That way a potential revival might theoretically choose up wherein the finale left turn off without missing a beat.

Updated august 12, 2021: This post has been updated through Paget Brewster"s comment on the revival.

A premiere date for Criminal Minds season 16 is still really much TBA for now. On February 19, 2021, TVLine reported that the project is in the earliest stages of development. As a result, over there aren"t any deals in place with the cast or writers. If Paramount+ and the show"s co-producers, CBS Studios and ABC Signature, can iron the end the details, climate it would likely be a year or much more before the revival involves fruition.

Even though it has actually only to be a year because the collection ended, plenty of members that the cast and also crew have actually moved ~ above to new projects. And also since the sounds favor the revival is being pitched as a extension of the series, Paramount+ no doubt wants as many of the show"s vital players onboard as possible. In some disheartening news, among the series crucial stars presumed come be return threw cold water top top the whole notion the a revival. Paget Brewster took to Twitter to report the she considered the job dead at that time.

That doesn"t necessarily median some enterprising exec end at Paramount+ won"t gain the ball rolling again, yet it"s absolutely not the sort of news you desire to hear if you"re a fan.

According come TVLine"s report, the revival"s actors would include both familiar encounters and new characters. However again, it"s just too beforehand to recognize for certain which actors might be game to return for another season the Criminal Minds.

The show"s final season cast included Matthew Gray Gubler (Spencer), A. J. Chef (J.J.), Joe Mantegna (Rossi), Kirsten Vangsness (Garcia), Paget Brewster (Prentiss), Adam Rodriguez (Luke), and Aisha Tyler (Lewis) — and every solitary character live to fight an additional day. Currently that doesn"t mean all of the actors would certainly be willing to return, however it does median there"s a an excellent chance that at the very least a part of the season 15 actors would be involved. When some mirrors wrap things up by having actually the personalities go their different ways, Criminal Minds went in the opposite direction. The only human being who left the team to be Garcia, and also she take it a task that wasn"t far from she old office (plus, Luke request her the end on a date, so also Vangsness" fan favorite character could theoretically return).

Of course, the real obtain would be Shemar Moore, who played Derek Morgan indigenous 2005-2017 prior to leaving Criminal Minds to star in his own CBS show, S.W.A.T. Part fans to be disappointed Moore didn"t make an appearance in the finale (aside from archival footage), for this reason if Paramount+ manages to entice the actor ago for an illustration in the potential revival, it would certainly go a long method toward making the brand-new season a must-see because that longtime viewers.

Per a recent interview with, Brewster evidenced that every actors member from periods 12-15 had been invited to return for the new season, for this reason while us don"t understand who took Paramount+ increase on the offer, we have the right to hope a quorum native the great ol" days will certainly be reporting for duty.

TV has become increasingly serialized in recent years, but component of Criminal Minds" appeal was its capability to keep viewers coming earlier with an old school situation of the main format. It would certainly be weird for the authors to mess through the formula now, however if season 16 does turn out to it is in a minimal series (at least to start), then it could make feeling for the present to focus on one big case with a couple of smaller unsub side situations thrown in for great measure.

Season 16 could also carry out the writers through an outlet to try riskier develops of storytelling the didn"t make feeling in the final season. Quickly after the finale aired, Messer said Entertainment Weekly that the writers had toyed through the idea of including a format-smashing illustration in the last season, but due to the fact that they knew there were just 10 episodes left, they ultimately opted come play points safe.

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"There was crazy stuff thrown the end in the room, and also we didn"t just shoot the down. We would say, "Okay, how can that happen?" The idea the a live illustration or... What carry out you call it?... A documentary movie crew adhering to the crew around," she said. "We finished up trying out some the those, but ultimately us weren"t able to uncover a means to keep it true come the series."

But currently that season 16 the Criminal Minds could become a reality, the authors may have a chance to utilize few of their unconventional episode ideas while make a brand new beginning for the BAU.