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nothing is maintaining this Conner down. ABC/Adam climbed

How it taken place on the initial show: Dan passed away as the result of Darlene and David"s wedding ~ above season eight. She beginning writing about a fictional variation of her family members in a novel at the series" end.

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How the renewal handles it:The show is pretending it never happened. Instead, the show makes light of it throughout its opened moments. Roseanne calls out to Dan in bed and he wakes up v a start.

When that asks what happened, Roseanne tells him she assumed he to be dead. He tells she he was simply sleeping.

"Why go everybody constantly think I"m dead?" Dan asks.

Later in the episode, Dan find a manuscript the a book Roseanne was working on, maybe the exact same one native the original series. Dan hoax her book would have "sold like hot cakes" if she didn"t death off the most amazing character.

Roseanne and Dan had actually a 4th child, Jerry Garcia, however don't intend to watch him top top the revival.


Roseanne provides birth come Jerry top top a tribute episode dedicated to Jerry Garcia. alphabet via Amazon

What come know about Jerry: Roseanne provides birth come her second son ~ above season eight that is named in honor of the singer.

How his lack is described on the revival: Roseanne mentions Jerry in one heat on the show"s season premiere as the family says grace.

"Please watch end our child Jerry who"s on that stupid fishing boat, where apparently they don"t gain phone calls," says Roseanne.

Glenn Quinn, who played Becky's husband, Mark, passed away in actual life.


Mark and also Dan sit under at the Conner household table. abc via Amazon

What happened after the present ended:After "Roseanne," glenn Quinn starred top top "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" spin-off "Angel."Quinn died in 2002 together the result of an inadvertently heroin overdose.

How his death is handle on the revival:Jackie mentions the Mark likewise died on the show; however, no details are provided on the premiere as to how or once he died.

The collection honors his fatality by naming Darlene"s son Mark.

Both buy it Chalke and also Lecy Goranson who have actually played Becky Conner appear on the show, however play different roles.


The 2 Beckys will certainly play opposite one an additional on the revival. ABC/Adam rose

How they balanced the same role on the original show: Goranson and Chalke both play Becky Conner throughout the show"s nine-season run. Goranson first played Becky for the show"s first five seasons. Chalke take it on the function for the show"s sixth and seventh seasons. The two split the role on season eight prior to Chalke played the function on the show"s ninth season.

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How both actresses will appear on the revival: Goranson is reprising she original role as Becky Conner when Chalke will certainly play a brand-new character, Andrea. The 2 will share screen time — and also jokes — together Becky uses to be Andrea"s surrogate.

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