DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala (WALA) - Cleanup initiatives are starting to ramp increase on Dauphin Island complying with Hurricane Ida. Crews are finally being able to obtain down to the West end to gain a look at the damage now the the worst that the weather is gone.

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"Not only is it good that the rains have actually let increase but likewise the tides and also winds so that we don’t proceed to have actually the saltwater intrusion," stated Jeff Collier. "That’s yes, really our greatest problem.”

Water tho covers the road simply past the checkpoint at Raphael Semmes Road. Everything past St. Stephens roadway is buried by 3 to 4 feet of sand. Only utility crews and residents are allowed past that point, and also they must have actually a re-entry pass. Dauphin Island market Jeff Collier is advising residents not to try and move back in just yet.

“There are no utilities at this point either therefore right currently it’s mostly people who are wanting to walk in and check out the status of their house,” said Collier.

Alabama strength crews make the difficult trip down Bienville Boulevard to settle the broken power poles. Work-related is meant to take number of weeks. World we speak to still speak they’re happy with how the island hosted up.

"This is a blessing naught really taken place that bad," said Pearson. We’ve obtained some sand top top the road, a tiny water however we acquire that for any kind of tropical storm or hurricane so because that us. Ns think we were an extremely lucky and also blessed.

While it will certainly take rather some time to acquire things earlier to normal. Citizens agree Dauphin Island will certainly bounce back like it constantly does.

“Dauphin Island is probably the most sturdy island or ar on planet when it concerns hurricanes. We gain hit by so many and they can gain this place cleaned up and looking perfect so rapid it is ridiculous," said Pearson.

The mayor likewise mentioned that the remainder of the island is open up for company as usual.

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Dauphin Island Sunset Concert walk on a week after Ida

DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala. (WALA) -- damages from Hurricane Ida required Dauphin Island to move its yearly Sunset Concert this year.

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