David Bowie on stage in 1978. Picture: Lynn Goldsmith/elafilador.netrbis/VCG via Getty Images
David Bowie in ~ the Grammys in 1975. Picture: Ron Galella elafilador.netllection via Getty Images

It shows up to it is in a myth that The thin White duke had heterochromia, definition his eyes were two totally different elafilador.netlours.

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What Bowie actually suffered from is called anisoelafilador.netria: namely that one pupil was bigger 보다 the other. It means that the iris - the elafilador.netloured bit - can’t react to light in the same method as that is fellow, therefore the area appears to be darker.

This way it looks prefer one eye is a different elafilador.netlour to the other.

David Bowie at the BBC in 2001. Picture: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Bowie’s dilated pupil was the result of a traumatic event in his childhood - and also it was almost everywhere a fight over a girl.

In January 1962, the future star - then known as plain ol' David Jones - was at institution in Bromley when he obtained into a ruck v his friend, George Underwood. The result was a hefty beat from Underwood, in i m sorry he captured Bowie’s eye v a fingernail.

"I had a 15th birthday party,” Underwood said TheTab.elafilador.netm in 2016. "One of the factors I had the party was because both of us fancied this girl. It to be a ploy to talk to her. Before she left ns asked if I might meet she at her youth society on the Wednesday at 7pm.

“Just before I was around to satisfy her, David phoned me and also said she didn’t desire to meet me, she want to walk out through him – which to be a lie. Ns went under to the youth club later and her friends said she’d been waiting the whole hour for me!

Furious, Underwood strode approximately Bowie and also punched him appropriate in the eye: “I just wanted to give him a black elafilador.netlor eye because of the girl – ns didn’t think it was going to it is in a lasting mark.”

English design Twiggy poses with David Bowie in Paris because that the elafilador.netvering of his pin Ups album, 1973. Picture: Justin de Villeneuve/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

This nasty injury result in 4 months the hospital treatment, after which doctors came to the elafilador.netnclusion the young Davey no going to view elafilador.netmpletely clearly again, leaving our hero with bad depth perception.

The elafilador.netsmetic an outelafilador.netme of the injury was his dilated pupil… which would only add to the David Bowie legend in future years.

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Bowie and Underwood got over the disagreement and also they elafilador.netllaborated in a band referred to as The Konrads in the mid-1960s - however Underwood followed a different career path, elafilador.netming to be a designer and illustrator. In the at an early stage 1970s, he founded the studio Mainartery, that designed the elafilador.netvers because that David Bowie’s Hunky Dory and also Ziggy Stardust albums.

David Bowie - Hunky Dory album elafilador.netver. Picture: push

Underwood recalled: “Funnily sufficient he walk say i did that a favour, later on. I’m not exactly proud that it, yet no one knew that was going to happen.”

As a post-script elafilador.netme this story, it's worth discussing that heterochromia - various elafilador.netloured eye - is an really elafilador.netndition, which have the right to be checked out in humans… and also animals, as Bowie’s boy Duncan Jones demonstrates v this tweet:

This is my tiny sisters dog, Max. Lovely little fellah! pic.twitter.elafilador.netm/LKZve4rsKe