I know I did my David Bowie tribute thing on Wednesday, however his fatality has created something of a battle of words, thanks to the weird newspaper letter-writer explicate Bowie together an aged drug fiend who did not deserve our sympathies, permit alone ours adulation.

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One puritan explained Bowie together a “69-year-old male who passed away of a usual disease”. It is true as much as cancer goes, however if reports out of Britain room correct, and also Bowie died of liver cancer, then he hasn’t passed away of a typical disease;hedied the a rarely one, also if that isoverly stood for in the rock’n’roll room of deathly fame.

Those through an ear because that rock trivia could recall the Lou Reed –whose ’70s collaborations v Bowie caused Reed’s epochal Transformer album, amongst other jewel –was also a victim the liver cancer as soon as he died in October 2013.

In both cases, their liver cancer will certainly have almost certainly been resulted in by the Hepatitis C virus, which has been running rampant through drug-injecting elafilador.netmunities due to the fact that the so late 1970s and also early 1980s.

Lots of world are quite cagey about how they contract the disease, and also some will certainly havepicked it up from blood transfusionsbefore Australianauthorities began screening because that the virus in 1992.

Even so, there is no debate about the main an approach of transmission: injecting drug users sharing needles.Bowie and also Lou Reed to be so out and also open around their drug use in the 60s and 70s that theirs are most likely both open-and-shut cases.As Bowie sang about heroin top top Cracked Actor: “Smack, baby, smack, is all that you feel.”

Turning elafilador.nete the ever-helpful Wikipedia and itslist of famous world with Hepatitis C, it’s no surprising to find rock musicians dominating the line-up.Keith Richards, that owned approximately it in his autobiography Life;Marianne Faithful,who bedded Keith and also his rolling Stones bandmateMick Jagger;Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler (cured) and Anthony Kiedis that the Red warm Chili Peppers are simply some the the names on the Hepatitis C struggle parade.

All that this would merely be so lot salacious gossip were it not for the truth that Australia, prefer the remainder of the world, is in the grip of a increasing tide of Hepatitis C infection.

As the Newcastle Herald’s Michael McGowan reported last month, about 220,000 people in Australia have Hepatatis C.

Not everyone that contracts Hepatitis C goes on to acquire sick, or to build cancer. Between 15 per cent and 25 per cent live without symptoms, and also some supposedly clear the virus native their equipment without treatment. But up elafilador.nete 85 per cent will end up through chronic liver infection. Upto 70 per cent will developliver disease and about 20 every cent build cirrhosis of the liver after20 elafilador.nete 30 years.Up elafilador.nete 5 per cent will die from their infections, either by cirrhosis or liver cancer.Caught at an early stage enough, Hepatitis C is no much longer a fatality sentence.

Early treatments based on interferon and ribavirin are significantly giving method to newly occurred drugs that are capable of clearing the virus, with couple of if any kind of side effects, in just two or three months.

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These drugs are still expensive –drug elafilador.netpanies are negotiating through Canberra over the ultimate subsidies to treatments that might otherwise expense $50,000 elafilador.nete $100,000 a course. High value perhaps, but far much less than the expense of hospital treatmentfor countless Australians that wouldotherwise go on todevelop serious and potentially fatal disease.

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