Yolanda Hadid got married to David Foster in 2011. The couple had a family members like the one ~ above "The Brady Bunch," as Hadid is mother to Gigi, Bella, and Anwar from her previous marriage and also Foster is a dad of five to daughters: Sara, Erin, Amy, Allison, and also Jordan from previous marriages. Many of their kids were grown increase by the time the two got together, and also Hadid and Foster"s connection was smooth sailing for a while.

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When Hadid signed ~ above to be a component of "The genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills," the pair appeared to be the perfect match. Their Bravo show pushed the opposites tempt narrative. So, once Hadid and Foster decided to get a divorce, fans and cast members alike were shocked by the news. The Grammy-winning music producer and also former model, however, to be leading various lifestyles, and also the foundation of their marital relationship seemed to have actually crumbled as soon as their differences came to be overwhelming.

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While David Foster may have seen the divorce coming, Yolanda Hadid is adamant that she didn"t. Together Radar online recounted, in she memoir "Believe Me: My battle With the Invisible handicap of Lyme Disease," Hadid details just how the couple took in a Lakers game and a romantic dinner for two to memory Foster"s birthday. However, the complying with morning, she reportedly discovered the music producer in a foul mood. On the phone, he told her, ""We should talk" ... In a ton so cold the shivers run v my body," follow to Hadid. When pressed to describe what to be going on, Foster allegedly admitted, "I can"t perform this anymore," adding, "But we"ll comment on it tonight."

He supposedly ignored she for the rest of the day, and, as soon as Foster ultimately arrived back, the two instantly started fighting, Hadid shared. Their anniversary was just a few weeks later, and also Hadid claimed she do the efforts one last time to reach out, admitting in the book that she still loved him. Unfortunately, she claimed Foster came ago to their shared house only to acquire clothes, they battled again, and also he told her it was over since her "sick map is up." She left a few weeks later, after reportedly receiving a letter from his lawyer about their legit separation.

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Yolanda Hadid signed top top to be on the actors of "RHOBH" in 2010, just a year prior to she and David Foster gained married. Return she loved being on the show, Foster wasn"t practically as happy around the decision, despite making just a few appearances. In September 2019, that told the Los Angeles Times, "The Beverly Hills Housewives was just kind of a nightmare for me and something that ns really wish ns hadn"t been component of."

The display tends to emphasis on drama rather than the cast members" careers, and also that didn"t sit well with Foster. "I wanted to say, "I"ve obtained 16 Grammys, b****!" yet I didn"t," he told the outlet, after he started to it is in labeled as a "RHOBH" husband. 

Although he hated gift on the show, Hadid to be dependent top top the income. In she memoir "Believe Me: My fight With the Invisible special needs of Lyme Disease," she proclaimed that Foster insisted on maintaining their finances separate due to the fact that money had sustained fights with his previous wives (via to chat Tonight). "Of course, the doesn"t desire to provide for mine children. That"s job and also my job and exactly the factor why ns am really driven to save working," she claimed of she decision to it is in on "RHOBH."

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Yolanda Hadid to be unsure of once she contract Lyme disease, however her symptoms started to become overwhelming a year into her marriage with David Foster. In she memoir, the former model claimed she believed her diagnosis and also subsequent condition took a toll on her marriage, together reported through Entertainment Tonight.

When news damaged of Hadid and also Foster"s split, a resource told page Six that the music producer felt favor "everything revolves approximately her and also her illness." lock added, "It"s end up being the biggest narrative of she show." Another resource told united state Weekly in ~ the time, "David and also his family think Yolanda just loves the fist of being sick. They think she"s exaggerating her condition. And they suggest out that she"s never acquired a legit diagnosis or a 2nd or 3rd opinion."

Foster, however, refuted the claims and told us Weekly in a statement, "I have always had and also continue to have actually the utmost respect and love because that Yolanda, i beg your pardon is why it is so frustrating to see headlines questioning her chronic debilitating illness."

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Following the relax of Yolanda Hadid"s book, "Believe Me," David Foster admitted to Entertainment Tonight that, an initial off, the hadn"t check out it. Regardless the music producer said the most important takeaway from the entirety experience is, "She appears to it is in doing great. She"s healthy and also living ago east and happy and her youngsters are law great, therefore it"s good." Foster did take a minute to reiterate the their breakup had actually nothing to execute with the "RHOBH" star fallout’s ill, however. "We just always did our best," he said of your life ~ Hadid had gained ill.

Again encouraging everybody to just focus on Hadid"s health, that advised, "The main thing is that she"s ... In remission. She worked really tough at it and also now she"s reaping the rewards that that." Still, Foster also took the chance to hint in ~ underlying problems in the partnership for an excellent measure. "We had some other issues as well,he shared, somewhat vaguely.

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Yolanda Hadid recorded her ex-husband"s alleged coldness, reported capacity to seemingly rotate his feelings off at a moment"s notice, and the means in which he allegedly determined their partnership was over and simply mutual the news v her without warning in depth in "Believe Me." Shockingly, however, David Foster himself can not disagree v her recollection that events. Roll Stone detailed that in his documentary, "David Foster: off the Record," the Grammy winner recognized that he probably did behave badly throughout their ripe years with each other — and in every other relationship he"s to be in. 

The celebrated music producer admitted merely (via page Six), "Anyone that calls me one a**hole because that the points I"ve done, i think they"re probably right." Foster climate went on come opine, "I think I have actually been one a**hole a lot," describing himself as a "runner" who leaves relationships when things acquire difficult.

In the Netflix documentary "David Foster: off the Record," the award-winning music producer goes on the record around many the his failings in life, particularly when it pertains to the females he"s to be with. When it concerns his marital relationship to Yolanda Hadid, David Foster makes it clear when again that the breakdown of it had actually nothing to perform with her diagnosis. "How have the right to I leave a noble woman?" he declared firmly, as civilization reported. "The fact of the issue is that was no the reason I left."

Fans looking for some closure will find themselves wanting, however, together the music producer refuses to disclose what the actual factor was, just referring obliquely come a "different reason" that "had naught to perform with she being sick." The commemorated producer promised those the town hall at house he "will never ever disclose" why the connection ultimately came to an end. It"s an exciting admission considering Foster asserted he was willing to open up himself up prefer never prior to for the documentary and also was refusing to censor the director"s vision for it.

Over time, the couple"s the opposite nature ended up being too much. Yolanda Hadid stayed home most the the time due to Lyme disease, whereas David Foster travel a lot since of his task as a musician. Hadid opened up up around their distinctions in lifestyle throughout an episode of "Dr. Oz" (via united state Weekly). "At the finish of the day, David never changed, ns changed. Unfortunately, these room the cards that life handle me," she said. "It wasn"t through choice. But I"m not the woman I used to be and also I more than likely will never be again." She continued, "My focus, my power goes to trying to gain well, make the efforts to do a difference, do the efforts to uncover a cure for my kids ... And David"s life is really traveling, going come concerts, according to music. And also I mean, ns couldn"t, I deserve to barely listen to the radio."

Hadid added, "The patience suffers, yet the caretakers endure too. Due to the fact that life doesn"t only adjust for us, it changes for the human next come you." Their marital relationship would later on crumble reportedly since of these differences, and they separation in 2015. Their divorce was finalized in 2017, as provided by entertainment Tonight.

Following his separation from Yolanda Hadid, David Foster got together with singer and actress Katharine McPhee, that is over 30 year his junior. The happy pair welcomed their an initial child together, a son, in February 2021, as reported by People. They initially met in 2006, when McPhee was competing on "American Idol" and the superstar music producer to be mentoring contestants. The pair later acquired hitched in June 2019. Despite having known each other for fairly a while, the "Waitress" star admitted Foster can still be reluctant to open up to her.

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As web page Six shared, while showing up in the 2020 documentary "David Foster: off the Record," McPhee revealed there room moments as soon as she wonders, "God, does that have any type of empathy at all?" The "American Idol" alum explained, "He"s so good at disguising what that feels. He simply wants every little thing to be OK at every times and also if it"s not, he"s gone." McPhee stated she sometimes has to plead with Foster to check out where she"s coming from, but the producer apparently regularly shuts down. 

While McPhee wasn"t mentioning Foster"s relationship with Hadid, what she said could burned some irradiate on why Hadid and also Foster couldn"t make points work.