Debra Messing required to Instagram to highlight her charity contributions through the organization, DoSomething, earlier this week. But instead that commenters concentrating on Messing"s good deed and honor, many were concentrated on her face.

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Before attending a gala hosted by DoSomething in new York, the 50-year-old Will & Grace star posted two selfies ~ above Instagram, v the adhering to caption: "Thank friend
dosomething because that the extraordinary respect of being called one of your 2019 empower Players. Ns am committed to supporting all initiatives by the many activists who fight day-to-day to do our people healthier, safer, and much more equitable."

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Of course, the famous redhead denied the accusations with the perfect clapback and also beauty solution.

"NOPE! gaining tons that facials and also using every tool on the market."

On the shining side, no every comment to be geared in the direction of Messing"s looks. One commenter, Tony Maciulis, praised her service, while discussing that he was "sad" to check out a post specialized to a an excellent cause be riddled v comments about "eye makeup."

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Besides, it"s for sure to assume Messing would have no difficulty admitting to having work done on her challenge or nose, together she"s been open up in the past around cosmetic surgery.




“I don’t care around that judgment,” she called Good Housekeeping in 2017 of she decision to gain CoolSculpting (or cryolipolysis)—a non-invasive procedure the reduces undesirable fat indigenous several parts of the body, favor the chin and belly.

"It’s incredibly crucial to it is in open around doing points to improve just how you feel about yourself," Messing said. "The myth the there are people walking roughly Hollywood who were born perfect and age perfectly is very dangerous, specifically for young girls. I’m no embarrassed in ~ all."

And, hey, if facials and contouring can make united state all watch as exceptional as Messing does at 50, we"ll be booking that following spa and also salon treatment, stat.

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