IT seems choose every celebrity has dated a Jonas brothers so the comes together no surprise that Demi Lovato dated among the boys.

Demi increased to fame in 2008 as soon as she starred alongside the Jonas brothers in the smash-hit Disney Channel initial movie Camp Rock.

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Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas starred in Camp absent in 2008.Credit: Getty

Which Jonas brothers did Demi Lovato date?

Demi dated she on-screen love attention Joe Jonas ~ the release of Camp absent 2 in 2010.

The two met in 2007 top top the set of Camp Rock and became very an excellent friends.

Demi went on tour through the Jonas brothers in 2008 come promote their movie and also then walk on to make Camp rock 2: The last Jam in 2010.

Demi and also Joe were featured top top the covering of teenager Vogue and shortly after ~ announced their relationship.


Demi Lovato increased to fame on Disney Channel alongside the Jonas Brothers.Credit: Rex

Demi gushed around Joe saying: "“He’s my ideal friend and also he’s incredible."

The couple eventually damaged up but remain friendly to this day.

Is Demi Lovato tho friends with the Jonas Brothers?

Demi can have ended things v Joe yet she stayed friends through the brother staying an extremely close through Joe's younger brother Nick.

In 2016, Demi went on a share tour with Nick because that the Future currently Tour where she supported her album Confident and he advocated his album last Year to be Complicated.

The 2 were an extremely close because that years regularly being spotted the end together, functioning together, and also talking around each other.

Then in 2017, Demi exit a song titled ruin The Friendship, wherein she sings about a friendship she’d like to “ruin” by becoming much more than friends.


As their careers take it off, the 4 remained friends because that years.Credit: Getty

Fans began to speculate that the song was about Nick and noticed a adjust in the friendship.

Demi at some point unfollowed Nick ~ above Instagram and also was no invited to his wedding to wife, Priyanka Chopra.

While there to be no public falling out, Demi admitted in 2020 the she is no much longer in touch through the Jonas Brothers.

In her music video for ns Love Me, she references numerous things around her past including the Jonas Brothers once she is viewed dodging a trio that looks suspiciously like Kevin, Joe, and also Nick.


All 3 Jonas brothers are currently happily married.Credit: PA:Press Association

Who is Demi Lovato date now?

After she failed engagement come Max Ehrich in 2020 Demi is at this time single.

She has actually been really vocal about her partnership status and seems to be content being alone.

On Instagram she posted: "The best component about being solitary is discovering that my happiness is comes from no other person than myself."



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Demi and also Max quarantined together throughout the coronavirus pandemic in March, were involved by July, and seperated through September.

Demi discusses she whirlwind relationship with Max in she documentary Dancing v the Devil.

The documentary will start streaming top top YouTube with the very first two illustration premiering march 23.

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