despite she's been in Hollywood for years already, Denise Richards has actually been make far an ext headlines in current years.

because that one thing, she joined the cast of 'Real Housewives,' of course. However she's additionally had some exciting things keep going in her an individual life.

~ all, she had children with Charlie Sheen. The drama in between the two of them was headline fodder because that literally years. And also that may have been part of the reason why Denise was initially blacklisted indigenous 'RHOBH.'

Her an individual relationships aren't the just thing the Denise has actually been taking care of in the last few years, though. In fact, a wildfire intimidated her house not long ago, and also Denise was super stressed about it. Luckily, every little thing turned the end OK for the 'Real Housewives' star, however it wasn't an easy journey.

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did Denise Richards' home Burn Down?

happily for Denise and also her husband, Aaron, their residence did no burn down. However they did have to flee the Woolsey Fire in California. Denise recounted the endure of escaping from Malibu (and the irony of that statement wasn't shed on many viewers) in she clips ~ above 'RHOBH', and also footage showed just how bad things got.

Ultimately, despite Denise's "beachfront" residence was spared, her co-star's was not. Camille Grammer's home melted to the ground, and as Aaron noted, the whole neighborhood was "reduced come rubble."

The area had to it is in evacuated, and many inhabitants weren't able come return for quite some time after ~ the fire had actually passed through.

What taken place To Denise Richards' house After The Fire?

Footage showed Denise and Aaron fleeing the fire in their car, with gives piled about them. Denise to be visibly distraught (reality TV editing aside), but the danger didn't acquire too close. And after the fire raged past, Denise was able to return home and also pick with her belongings.

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though the house didn't burn (nor did any kind of on your street), there to be soot and plenty of chaos to clean up inside.

Smoke damages likely do their residence inhabitable for fairly some time, so it wasn't surprising that Denise opted to move into a rental home while the dust (and ash) cleared.

whereby Did Denise Richards Move during The Woolsey Fire?

when Denise and also Aaron's residence was mainly intact, they quiet couldn't remain there. So where did they walk afterward? happily for the celebrity couple, castle didn't need to fight end rental nature like countless less rich California wildfire victims.

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despite publications imply that Denise "lost she home" to the Woolsey fire, that doesn't appear to be the case. Smoke damage is one thing, but Richards' home certainly wasn't reduced to a crispy shell the method Camille Grammer's was.

and yet in July of 2018, Denise and also Aaron reportedly signed a lease on a home in Los Angeles.

the doesn't seem to heat up with the timeline the the wildfire (the Woolsey fire taken place in November), though. Denise hasn't explicitly described the timelines, yet it shows up as if she and her husband had multiple homes at the moment the fire began.

did Denise Richards Move residence Multiple times After The Fire?

some sources suggest that Denise moved to a solitary rental in Malibu ~ the fire, and remained there till announcing she'd be relocating to Montana at some point soon. That announcement come after rumors arised from her 'Real Housewives' castmates, and also Denise had actually to defend herself against critics.

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Regardless, that rental house that Denise stayed in up till 2020 ended up leading to her plenty of grief. Richards and her husband wound increase in court v their landlord after moving out.

The landlord alleged the Richards and also her husband had actually pets that were not allowed, per your lease, and that castle left the home a large mess. Denise, of course, argued against the allegations and claimed no wrongdoing.

She had additionally shared image of what pan assume was her rental house while life there. In ~ the time, there was no inkling that anything was wrong through her lease or the problem of the property.

Denise's Rental Home expense Over $17K per Month

Multiple sources reported that after the fire displaced her, Denise Richards rented a Malibu-area home for $17,500 per month.

though it's unclear whether that's the same house she apparently left a chaos upon relocating out, it's apparent that no issue where she lives, Richards won't it is in doing therefore on a budget. Fortunately, she has earned many of cash end the years and also should easily have the ability to purchase she dream home in LA, Montana, or all over else she decides to relocate to.


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20 how amazing Facts around RHOBH"s Denise Richards these days, Denise can be viewed making appearances top top Bravo"s real Housewives the Beverly Hills, whereby she apparently earns $4 million for her efforts.