Actor Denzel Washington when gifted a generous donation to the Fisher House, however he didn"t money the cost of an entire building.

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Published10 February 2005

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In mid-December 2004, Denzel Washington (reportedly at the ide of a veteran known as “Ranger Jones” whom the gibbs met when filming the 1988 Civil battle epic Glory) payment a visit to Brooke military Medical center in mountain Antonio, Texas. The renowned actor took component in a violet Heart ceremony, presenting medals to three military soldiers who were recovering in the hospital native wounds obtained in Iraq.

The city’s Express-News newspaper explained one that the medal recipients’ reaction to her encounter through the screen star:

When Academy Award-winning gibbs Denzel Washington entered the auditorium in ~ Brooke military Medical Center, Spc. Connie Spinks, heal from wounds indigenous Iraq, was contents to hold his hand, obtain a tenderness peck top top the cheek and also hear him to whisper a sweet nothing in her ear.

“He simply told me he to be proud the me, and also that was enough,” said Spinks, who has actually a damaged femur, broken fibula, shattered ankle, two damaged fingers and also second- and also third-degree burns on she hands and face.

That quick encounter was enough to elevator the Asheboro, N.C., native, a people away from she memories that Oct. 13, once a self-destruction bomber eliminated two soldiers and injured Spinks, 22, and four rather in a convoy.

“If ns wasn’t already in a wheelchair, i would have actually fainted” once the screen star kissed her, she said.

Oh, yet there to be one more thing she needed. She waved she mother, Annette, up for a hug and also kiss native the leading man, that has shown young army heroes in “Glory” and also “Crimson Tide.”

“I had actually to carry out that for my mother,” claimed Spinks, who will be treated at the hospital at least through March. “She’s been below for me due to the fact that October.”

Fort Sam Houston, which houses the Brooke military Medical center (BAMC), likewise includes top top its residential or commercial property two Fisher residence facilities within walking distance of the medical center. Fisher residences are a network of “comfort homes,” basically low-cost hotels constructed on the grounds that military medical centers in the U.S. And also abroad that administer all the amenities of home and enable family members that servicemento remain close to love ones who room undergoing medical treatment because that illness, disease, or injury. The cost-free accommodations at Fisher houses make them obtainable even come familes with tight budgets (a case common to countless military families).

With the U.S. Military’s having actually been involved in combat to work in Afghanistan and Iraq during the previous couple of years, the need for an are in Fisher dwellings at some military infrastructure exceeded your capacities at the time Denzel Washington checked out to fort Sam Houston in December 2004. Follow to the Fisher home Foundation, the gibbs did visit the facility’s Fisher House and learn the its require for additional facilities, and he did later make a substantial donation come the Fisher home Foundation. However, the story became a little bit exaggerated with the addition of cases that Mr. Washington “got the end his checkbook” on the spot and wrote a examine for the complete amount necessary to build a brand-new building:

Hi everyone,

Dan said me a good story the heard and also I want to re-publishing it v the rest of you. Pleaaase spread out the word!

Danzel Washington to be visiting BAMC (Brookes military Medical Center, in mountain Antonio) the other day. This is wherein soldiers that have been evac’d native Germany concerned be hospitalized in the States. They have structures there called Fisher Houses. The Fisher house is a hotel that soldier’s households can stay at, for small or no charge, while their soldier is staying in the hospital. BAMC has actually quite a few of these homes on base, however as you can imagine, castle are virtually filled come the brim most of the time. If Denzel Washington to be visiting BAMC, they gave him a tourism of one of the Fisher Houses. He asked exactly how much among them would price to build. He got his check publication out and wrote a examine out because that the full amount appropriate there on the spot. The soldiers abroad were amazed come hear this story and also want to acquire the word the end to the American public, because it warmed their hearts come hear it. Ns hope girlfriend will spread this story!

Don’t understand whether girlfriend heard around this yet Denzel Washington and his family members visited the troups in ~ Brook army Medical Center, in san Antonio,Texas (BAMC) the other day. This is where soldiers that have actually been evacuated native Germany pertained to be hospitalized in the States, especially burn victims. They have structures there referred to as Fisher Houses. The Fisher residence is a hotel wherein soldiers’ families can stay, for little or no charge, while their soldier is continuing to be in the hospital. BAMC has quite a couple of of these dwellings on base however as you deserve to imagine, they are almost totally filled most of the time.

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While Denzel Washington was visiting BAMC, they offered him a tour of among the Fisher Houses. The asked how much among them would cost to build. He took his check book out and wrote a examine for the complete amount appropriate there ~ above the spot. The soldiers overseas were amazed to hear this story and want to gain the word out to the American public, because it warmed their hearts come hear it.

The inquiry I have actually is why walk Alec Baldwin, Madonna, Sean Penn and also other Hollywood species make front web page news v their anti-everything America crap and also this doesn’t also make web page 3 in the Metro ar of any type of newspaper except the base newspaper in san Antonio.