MTV’s The Real World was a staple in fact TV for practically two decades, and fans will certainly forever mental the stars that the series. Unfortunately, some fan-favorite stars passed away after finishing filming. Here’s who.

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Who has passed away from ‘The genuine World’?


(L come R) Sean Sasser and Jedd Winick indigenous ‘The actual World’ | rick Meyer/The LA Times

The Real civilization centers roughly strangers living in a house together and the drama/politics/conversations the ensue. The no-frills show carried in loads of engagement through this basic premise, and fans tho adore the today. But a couple of stars of the show passed away after filming their corresponding seasons.

Frankie Abernathy native The actual World: san Diego died in 2007, now reports. She was simply 25 years old and also publicly deal with cystic fibrosis. Together for her death, her mom shared with MTV the she’s unsure that what specifically occurred.

“She to be doing fine, and we yes, really don’t know really much yet,” her mommy stated. “It tho was kind of a shock, and also it just wasn’t exactly how we figured points would go. That seems favor her small body just gave out.”

Joey Kovar native The real World: Hollywood passed away in 2012. According to us Weekly, Kovar was found dead by a woman friend. His fatality was ruled an accident as result of “a mix the cocaine, Viagra, and alcohol.”

Pedro Zamora starred in The actual World: san Francisco, and he assisted pioneer HIV/AIDS education through his fact TV appearance. People reports Zamora died at the age of 22 ago in 1994 due to AIDS complications. He contract HIV 5 years earlier.

Sean Sasser had a partnership with Zamora and was also featured on The actual World: san Francisco. CNN reports Sasser died from mesothelioma, a rare kind of lung cancer, in 2013 simply a month ~ his diagnosis.

Who has passed away from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’?

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There room a few other contestants who showed up on The actual World, Road Rules, and MTV’s The Challenge that died. Ryan article was recognized for his appearances ~ above The Challenge, and also he acquired his begin with The actual World: brand-new Orleans. Unfortunately, he passed away toward the end of 2014 in ~ 29 year old. Reports noted Knight choked ~ above his vomit ~ a friend’s party, resulting in his death.

Danny Dias, one more Challenge contestant, additionally died. Dias obtained his start on Road Rules and died from “complications that chronic substance abuse,” new York City Chief medical Examiner’s office told web page Six. The star was 34 year old.

Diem Brown, a pan favorite from The Challenge, died earlier in 2014. Us Weekly reports Brown died due come ovarian cancer returning because that the third time and spreading to her colon and also stomach lining. Brown was very vocal about her cancer battle while top top The Challenge, and she had a well-documented connection with C.T. Tamburello, an additional fan favorite.

Was ‘The real World’ canceled?

Despite the deaths that past actors members, The actual World wasn’t officially canceled, despite MTV appeared to avoid creating new seasons of the present in 2017. Real world Seattle: bad Blood was the last season to show up on the network. It to be temporarily revitalized in 2019 with Facebook Watch. The real World: Atlanta premiered v the facebook service, but the display hasn’t been earlier since.

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That’s slated to readjust now, though. The Real people Homecoming: brand-new York functions the actors from the original 1992 series, Vulture reports. The collection revival will hit Paramount+ in early March 2021, and those that watched the initial Real World periods will certainly have lot of of feelings.

Fans are hopeful this rebirth season is just the beginning. Yet we’ll need to wait and see what producers decide.