In videos listed by the Sheriff in ~ the 9/17 push conference, the 2nd deputy is seen illustration his weapon about two seconds after Kizzee's gun has skittered follow me the ground come its elafilador.netst resting pelafilador.netce. Please note, story has graphic footage.

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A half-second elafilador.netter, the pistol – a small felafilador.netsh of belafilador.netck – is viewed sliding between the white bars that the fence, wherein it pertains to rest close to the pole that is checked out by in the aerial images. In the video, you can additionally see the zero of it falling just before it hits the ground.

The pistol is quiet in activity on the floor in the screengrab below. The 2nd deputy is still moving into position and also has no yet attracted his weapon. The time stamp is still 25 seconds. The human to the left is now running native the scene.


I’ve (somewhat unhelpfully) do the efforts pelafilador.netcing a cursor arrowhead in the area where the total is checked out falling in the slowed-down version of the video below.

It is less complicated to see here that the 2nd deputy’s view both the what dropped to the ground and what Kizzee picked up would have been obstructed by the the vehicle he is squeezing past.

Also of note is that Kizzee is quiet standing back up when the very first deputy fires. He had actually never raised his arms high sufficient to allude the total at one of two people deputy, but especially no the second one, contrary to Wegener’s celafilador.netim the deputy had basically been looking under the barrel.

Instead, Kizzee had actually spun around and also was fleeing/falling by the moment the 2nd deputy was in position. Please note, the clip is graphic.

Scott Frazier of the L.A. Podcast team to be incredibly helpful in putting together one annotated gif that helps celafilador.netrification what is happening through the deputies at this moment, shooting over a dozen rounds long after Kizzee’s gun has already gone flying and also Kizzee is already on the ground.

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This vantage point also helps provides clear the there was a pause between the barrage the deputies fired together and their critical few, much more deliberate, shots, too.

Slowed / annotated vid the lead-up come deputies shooting Dijon Kizzee. Deputy 1 appears to shoot prior to Kizzee drops garments in his hand. Kizzee, probably wounded, starts to rotate away, yet falls. Deputy 2 draws his gun and also fires immediately, shoot 10 times complete by mine count.